Is it possible to offer services for plex on the forums?

Hi I’m new and trying to get omega status using isk but being new it is kind of hard and I can’t work in rl due to being disabled but I have a lot of time for in game activity’s. I was wondering if it was ok to offer mining services for omega status gift? I been reading the forums and I haven’t found any proof if it ok or not and i don’t want to break the rules and if it is ok where would I post it. For ex I can offer 3m now and work off the other amount of the gift over time by mining ore for the person. I am wondering if this kind of post is aloud? thanks for the help happy space travel :slight_smile:

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Yes, you can offer your work for plex, and use plex to get omega status.

But honestly, i dont see anyone doing this. Its stupidly risky. The only way that anyone would do this is if they trade you small ounts of plex in exchange for your ore, which is no different from you mining the ore and selling it to buy plex yourself.

No one would be stupid enough to just hand you 500 plex to sub your account, and then trust that you would actually stay long enough to mine the 1.3 billion isk worth of ore, which is like 100 hours of mining.

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Hi Traderkev Kouvo,

I do not think you are allowed to offer your services for PLEX directly, could maybe be interpreted as Real Money Trading (RMT), but you are free to offer your services in exchange for ISK. When you have enough ISK you can then buy PLEX off the market and use it to “PLEX” your account.

The Marketplace’s Services section is the place to post such threads. As to how you could write your post:

[Service] “Title”

Put in a short introduction

Services offered (example):

  • Moon mining
  • Belt mining
  • Monthly Ore Contract (monthly supply of ore)

Cost for use of your service

Contact Info

Will investigate, if Services for PLEX could be intrepreted as RMT, and reply with my findings

Hope this will help you somewhat and I wish you luck in your endeavor :smile:

Update: I’ve asked my fellow ISDs and I’m afraid the rules is: Services in exchange for ISK, only.

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Perhaps you should invest in 3 months omega to build up some skills (mining barge, ice mining, some trade skills) if you really want to mine. Or you just play the game in omega (you skill twice as fast!) and find out you can earn very much in wormholes or Nullsec without mining.
After these three months you know a bit better what to do and you may have earned your first 500 plex your own way. Until then there is time to find a corp which buys your ore and ice for a good price and where you can have fun and social interaction in long mining sprees.
Some might disagree, but I say you can have fun with carebears :wink: (Not just by hunting them).

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If the plex is bought off the market or bought using my own money from the official eve store, then contracted or traded, wouldnt that not be considered RMT? Im paying ccp directly, or buying it from the market, then giving it out to someone else in exchange for the minerals they mine. Its kinda like saying “ill trade you x amount of ore for 500 plex” .

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Yes, that was my main concern as I first stated in my post

and the conclusion:

Just plex, or goods as well?

The rule is: Services in exchange for ISK, meaning no PLEX or Items of any kind.

I ask because we give out ships in exchange for pilots participating in fleet fights. Thats service in exchange for items, isnt it? It just seems like a ruling that may have a larger implication.

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Think that’s more a donation style of exchange :wink:

what OP was talking about and what the Services in exchange for ISK is about is RL Services, where you charge ISK for your personal RL skills/time to do a job, like making a Website, Photoshop, Video making, creating an app, etc…

I think he was talking about mining in-game though. He was offering mining services. I.e. he would mine x amount for someone in exchange for plex. Would that be ok?

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No, if he means it as a compensation for spending his RL time mining, he can only do that if the exchange is for ISK.

However, should he decide to just spend all his time mining (as it seems he wants to), not for anyone but himself (not as a service), and then sell the ore he have mined in contract for PLEX or ISK that would be within normal gameplay.

Thank you for all your insight sorry If I made some of you upset I was just wondering if it was possible. Plus I wouldn’t scam someone and didn’t want to break the rules and I understand it would have took a lot of trust. But I think I’ll just mine and sell my ore instead it seems safer and wouldn’t be against the rules and lvl up skills along the way like I been doing. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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If you have time for the game. Then visit Youtube forum in game corp help Channel. On how you can work your way up for omega status.

Like some other players does making enoughy isk to plex

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Can you rat?As in kill enemy npcs?I may have a home for you if you can in null and you can earn your own plex this way

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