Is item hangar is global across the different docks?

(Fenton Echerie) #1

Hi, I wanted to know whenever item hangar is a good place to store items which can be access from anywhere?

(erg cz) #2

No it does not. Use Dotlan map to find place you call home and make your central bank of items there.

(Fenton Echerie) #3

Is there are a way to track your items in a different item hangars?

(erg cz) #4

Yes, of cause. There is an inventory icon on the left site of your window. Just do not remember how it named, exactly.

(Uriel the Flame) #5

Personal Assets

(Fenton Echerie) #6

Thank you

(Steve Ronuken) #7

Get used to having things scattered across the map. And please don’t make the mistake of sticking everything you own in a hauler to move to another station. Because there are people out there who live to blow that kind of ship up.