Is mining being killing off ...?

(Nevyn Auscent) #163

Well done utterly missing the point.

(Sasha Viderzei) #164

I care enough to say that I don’t care. See ya.

(Albert Spear) #165

not looking for a “reward”, just some relaxation in highsec. Some of us are casual players who pay for subscriptions and mine a few hours a month, and run a few missions, rat a little to decompress from work.

Happy in Highsec making 80-100 million a month.

(Solonius Rex) #166

I wouldn’t turn the computer on for 100 mill a month.

(Solonius Rex) #167

They already are. Procurers and skiffs are already renowned for their EHP and being baits and strong enough to kill even battleships.

(Nevyn Auscent) #168

Except for the utter lack of fitting room on them. The skiff isn’t in too bad a place I agree though. but this wasn’t talking just about barges but about all the industrial ships in general.

(Even just barges only 2 out of 6 being sort of ok is not a good thing… Though I’d give them more fitting room & slots, make an ore hold module which gives significant tank penalties, and then only have one base barge that you fit to create similar to our three current variants, I’m all for people having to fit their ships)

(LuckyQuarter) #169

CCP introduced ore compression because null industrialists were complaining they couldn’t get enough ore/minerals to keep large alliances supplied with capitals/etc.

CCP then introduced rorqual mining boosts that have bumped up ore production in null sec substantially. And, we are seeing an oversupply of caps and supercaps in null.

Highsec mining in public asteroid belts is dead. The only major mining going on in highsec now is via private belts via 0.5 refineries. Nearly all of this is via orca’s, or fleets of orcas that are AFK.

Switching to bigger mining ships and using drones I don’t think is the problem…thats natural evolution, but if I was CCP - I would:

a) Return compression to being a lengthy process. Not the near instant thing it is now. This should damp down a bit the flow of ore between high and null sec.
b) Rework highsec/lowsec so that mining in 0.5-0.8 space is more dangerous and mining in 0.2-0.4 space is less dangerous. Noob miners should only be able to safely mine in 0.9/1.0 space. No one should be able to AFK mine in 0.2-0.8 regardless of ship. And 0.5 and below should require a heavy tank ship like the skiff or orca when solo, or fleets of at least 3 ships when other exhumers are used.
c) eventually rework mining ship designs to be more interesting and fun to play. Mining ships with more combat and hauling capabilities but which must require active players to stay alive would be great.

(Nevyn Auscent) #170

What flow of ore between high and null. CCP already murdered that by adding all the low ends to the ABCS ores.

(Obe Liske) #171

Something not addressed here in all of this giant spread is that currently mining doesn’t work in Eve anyway. CCP has been seeding the market during downtime in Jita and the other hubs with minerals for years it’s a well documented thing. They do so to ensure prices stay low on minerals so that indy people can build so that pvp people can have ships to fight in for acceptable prices rather then everybody having to spend portions of their time doing indy/mining just to stay afloat. The game is at the end of the day a pvp oriented game.

(Nevyn Auscent) #172

Probably it’s not addressed because it’s pure myth and has never been addressed.
Prices in minerals clearly shift in supply and demand changes, reflect null sec wars, and changes to build requirements.
There is literally zero evidence of any kind of CCP secret seeding, and evidence clearly showing CCP making sure NPC agencies don’t impact the market, such as the removal of shuttles from the NPC markets because people would reprocess them for trit which put a price ceiling on trit’s value.

In short, stop spreading outright lies.

(Mac-Gregor) #173

PvP is not only wrecking other ships. Everything else you said is also a myth.

Btw, most of PvP is in null, right? Then, do you thing they will haul ore to jita, reprocess and sell minerals just to haul them back to null with taxes? Most of null minerals stay in null and you won’t see price tag on it.

(Obe Liske) #174

Again it’s well documents do a little Google foo there are screen caps and such. Because you don’t believe it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

(Solonius Rex) #175

And just because you claim it doesnt mean its true, either.

Ive tried looking and couldnt find it. Youve obviously refused to provide it. If it was well documented, it would be easy to find. Thats what “Well documented” means.

(Havohej) #176

This game was subscription only for years. I think it’s hilarious to read about F2P players bitching about not having access to content. It’s better than it was before (when they had access to nothing at all beyond the trial period).

(darkestkhan Eriker) #177

Maybe. But 100M/h is relatively easy to get. Making more requires more involving strategies. And lets be honest here – with 100M/h you can realistically sub your account. And as omega you can be making far more.

(Tecros Shtemerk) #178

They are mercenaries, and they are doing dirty jobs for famous “space lords” who are parading at Eve Fanfests and selling a fake look of EVEs hard core players :joy:

(Paddehatten) #179


~Mining Gnosis~
(Mac-Gregor) #180

App name? Or it’s IOS only?

(Paddehatten) #181

NEOCOM yes i think it’s IOS only.
EVE PORTAL is useable by all i think and it’s almost the same.
There are other Apps to just look for them.

(marie blueprint) #182

alpha limits on ship size is ok you should not get a bigger ship if you are not paying to play. also alpha pilots should not be able to engage in pvp. peopl in disposable gank alt poping miners is useless