Is my Maller fit ok?

I’m alpha clone, but do have some skills,

[Maller, Freyja Heideran’s Maller]
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
400mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Damage Control II
Energized Armor Layering Membrane I

Cap Recharger II
100MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Adaptive Invulnerability Field I

Quad Modulated Light Energy Beam I
Quad Modulated Light Energy Beam I
Quad Modulated Light Energy Beam I
Quad Modulated Light Energy Beam I
Quad Modulated Light Energy Beam I

Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I

Hobgoblin I x3

Ultraviolet M x5
Multifrequency M x5

I’m finding I am sometimes missing or grazing rats. I also take a while to get to them and I will usually have to stop half way through and dock up to repair and head back out, which isn’t ideal. I’m running class 1-4 sites in high - low sec. Coming across guristas, serpentis & drone. I’m also going to try do some SoE Main story arc missions. I feel I might need steering into a better fit though.

In the low slots drop the plate and add a medium armor repper… In the mids drop the shld invul for a tracking computer…the highs are fine…in the rig slots add capacitor rigs as needed / armor resistance rig(s).

  • didnt notice it was 100mn AB… Not sure why you need to go with 100mn but my reccmndation was for a 10mn AB fit.
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I put some suggestions in the quote. Happy hunting.

Oï mate.

I’d say that you went wrong on quite some points :confused:
First of all : using laser ships against Guristas or Serpentis is not the best idea, because the resistance pattern on those ships make it hard for EM damage to deal good damage. You should try to find Agent missions in Amarr space, against Sansha Nation or Blood Raider, where you’ll already deal better damage. Even more, both those rats deal EM/Therm damage, which is what Armor is already good at tanking without modules, so you will take even less damage.

Then, you made one of the worst possible mistake in EVE Online fitting : dual tanking. A shield module has nothing to do on a Maller ! Drop that Adaptive Invulnerability Field I to either put a cap battery, for some cap stability and resistance against Neutralizer, or a Tracking Computer, for better tracking against smaller targets and improved range.

With a better range on your guns, I’d say you can take some Standard focusing crystals, as they’ll gave you some range to engage targets that aren’t in the optimal range of the Ultraviolet. Some Radio crystals wouldn’t be too much, to do early DPS if the rats spawn far away from the warping point. The best thing you can do to improve your damage without waiting for your skills to go up is to invest in some Imperial Navy Crystals, they aren’t that expensive and it’s one of the best investment you can make to get your DPS up.

Another thing you can do is get rid of the oversized afterburner. The 10MN ones will get you some good speed to reach your destination faster with subwarp engines, and will be less heavy on your capacitor. Your best bet would be the ‘Monopropellant’ version, since it have a reduced capacitor consumption.

Finally, for a better tank you should try to squeeze in a medium armor repairer, since armor doesn’t have a passive regeneration, it’s your best option to do a site in one go. Replacing the plates will give you less buffer, but an improved agility and speed. Also, replace your T1 EANM with ‘Prototype’ versions, or any Meta module of your liking, since they give better bonuses, cost less in terms of CPU and powergrid and are dirt cheap.

There, you should be good. The Maller is the Amarr tanking beast of the cruiser line, with a somewhat good damage with its turret because of the +5% bonus to energy turret damage and 4% to armor resistance per level of the Amarr Cruiser skill. However, you could also take a look at the Omen, which is less tanky, but have a capacitor use bonus, which should help you if your Engineering skills aren’t high enough to support a tank plus your guns. There is the Arbitrator too, that make for a good droneboat, and can technically reduce the incoming DPS by using Tracking Disruptor, but it have a limited use against NPC.

Also, note that the Maller make for a better brawling ship with Pulse lasers instead of beams because of the superior tank when compared to the other T1 Amarr cruiser, while the Omen is more suited for range combat. But hey, it’s EVE Online ! There’s not a single way to fit your ship, so don’t trust the retards in the Amarr NPC Corp chat that tell you to get a Gila or calling you dumb if you don’t :3

  • So about all those people here suggesting meta EANM instead of T1 EANM, I am just going to drop this here because writing paragraphs is hard (check out the dude’s other videos too it’s baller /shill).

  • 400mm plates are undersized modules for a cruiser, the correct size ones are 800mm and 1600mm. Similarly, medium shield extenders go on frigates while large shield extenders go on cruisers and up (just for shield tanked ones, mind you).

  • On a PvE ship, you want an active tank as was suggested, because while the incoming damage is low enough, it stacks up over time. You want to invest your slots on resist modules and repair strength/speed or capacitor rigs to maximize your ability to tank while not losing out on speed. Medium Armor Repairer II, meta Armor Thermal Hardener and meta Armor Kinetic Hardener should be enough tank on top of the Damage Control. (2x kinetic hardeners against Guristas)

  • Layering membranes are outclassed by nano platings and membranes which increase resists instead of adding hitpoints. In fact, you might never have a use for that module.

  • No need for oversized prop shenanigans really, just slap a 50MN to go from A to B and then turn it off so you can actually cycle other things like guns or repairer.

  • One could go on and on about the disadvantages that dual tanking brings, but for the purposes of this thread suffice to say that the invuln field is going down to make room for a cap module (battery or recharger). For batteries, see if you can make a T2 or compact large battery fit- they really have the potential to tie a cap heavy fit together.

  • Well done on choosing the highest meta guns, though now that you have some spare powergrid after dropping the 100mn, see if you can make the larger cruiser beams fit (focused modulated/heavy modal iirc). Power Grid Management V is a priority, CPU Management V is a priority.

  • Bullet point #3 second sentence.

  • Navy hobgoblins when you can afford them for some extra damage, in the meantime train Drones V & Light Drone Operation V & XYZ Drone Specialization III and thank me later.

  • I would say navy crystals but nah don’t bother for now tbh (by the time you are considering them you’ll be way past running missions in HS).

  • Next time you have such a question feel free to raise it also there as you will get healthier feedback, as much as a cesspool r/eve is.

edit: just ask it in r/eve

For PVE, increasing your damage resistance is better than stacking extra HP. You chose to stack extra HP. On top of that, most of your extra HP is in your armour, but you don’t have an armour repairer, AND you have a shield module in there as well. When we look at how many slots you’ve used for tank, it’s 5 module slots and three rig slots out of a total of 17 slots. Half your entire fit is tank, and out of the 8 slots for your tank, 5 of them only stack HP.

1: Drop the Adaptive Invuln shield module. Pick ONE layer of your tank (shield OR armour) and fit for that. You fitted modules for your shield AND armour, stop doing that. Amarr ships generally don’t have enough mid slots for a good shield tank so we’ll go with an armour tank. Replace the Invulnerability Field module with a Tracking Computer (more weapon range and faster weapon tracking speed at the same time).

2: You’ve used 5 slots to stack armour HP but have no way to repair it, and all that extra armour HP reduces your ship speed which is why you chose the oversize afterburner. Stack damage resistance, you won’t be heavily penalised for speed so you can use a smaller afterburner that won’t drain your capacitor as much. Drop the armour plate for an armour repairer. Combine the repairer with an Auxiliary Nano Pump rig (armour repairer will repair more armour HP per cycle) or a Nanobot Accelerator rig (faster armour repairer cycles).

Swap the Armour Layering Membrane for a second EANM or a Reactive Armour Hardener. Replace the other two Trimark Armour Pump rigs with damage specific resistance rigs, whichever armour resistances are lowest for you, or one resistance rig and one capacitor rig for better capacitor regen.

Worth a thousand words.

[Maller, sim Maller]
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
400mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates
Reactive Armor Hardener
‘Refuge’ Adaptive Nano Plating I
Medium ‘Accommodation’ Vestment Reconstructer I

10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
F-12 Enduring Tracking Computer

Focused Modulated Medium Energy Beam I
Focused Modulated Medium Energy Beam I
Focused Modulated Medium Energy Beam I
Focused Modulated Medium Energy Beam I
Focused Modulated Medium Energy Beam I

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Energy Locus Coordinator II

Hobgoblin I x3

Imperial Navy Multifrequency M x5
Optimal Range Script x1

Interesting fit. However, I do feel like the lowslot used by the 400mm plate could be better used, with a cap module or heat sink for faster completion time. It’s not like the buffer is really needed in L2 ^^
Could even replace it with an EANM to replace the loss of tank.

Thats for l3 i was using almost the same fit but on navy omen coz it faster

Then the resists and speed should do the trick to mitigate damage from bigger targets.

Thats right it stable with ab and repaier

Strongly suggest dropping the plate as you “shouldnt” mix buffer and repaires.
It should be switched with a flux coil, used pulse as your ship will tale a major punishment and keep going, have standard and infrared ammo as one should play to laser stregths.

Sadly there might be more touching up on it but Im not home, personally wpuld like a microwarp but I dont know if it can be done if you drop the tracking computer for more cap.

Navy omen with its optimal range bonus, and very high agil and base speed for an amarr ship make it an amazing beam laser boat.

Only if you have an active shield boat. You mean capacitor power relay.

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faction hobgoblins would help

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