Fittings for Maller

so now I have enough ISK to buy a Maller, but I don’t know how to fit them. please give help. I play PVE and didn’t get into PVP yet.

Thanks a lot.

Firstly and most importantly:
“I have enough ISK to buy a Maller” - it should be “can you handle loosing a fitted Maller”. A fitted Maller is going to be somewhere between 15m and 20m ISK. If you had someone kill it, or you mis-judged a mission and didn’t escape are you going to be left devastated and broke?
Only fly what you can accept losing.

OK, that’s out of the way. The

I don’t know your fitting or weapon skills so this is going to be guidance rather than detail.
The Maller is a tanky monster at heart, not fast, a bit hard to get everything into (train the Magic 14), but with good Amarr Cruiser and Armour tanking skills it’s basically a brick with attitude.

High slots: Medium Energy Turrets. Probably pulse lasers of some form. Don’t fly a cruiser unless you can fit medium weapons. Fit all five turret slots with the same weapon. Take a set of crystals: Multifrequency, Standard and Radio (five of each of course) as a minimum.
Mid slots: Afterburner. MWDs are going to be too much to fit and will chew your capacitor. then either a Web and a Cap Recharger or two Cap Rechargers. Or possibly a tracking computer or something else and a Cap Recharger. The Web is a good thing as it enables you to slow fast moving frigates down when they get close so your guns can hit them.
Low slots: I’d always try and fit a couple of Heat Sinks, though you may be happier with just one and putting more resistance in. Damage Control. Medium Armour Repairer (don’t worry about cap stability - you are only going to be pulsing the repairer and the afterburner when you need them). Then put in resistance modules - plates aren’t going to help, the idea is to get the armour resistance percentages good and high - reduce the damage you need to repair. if you know the mission (look it up online) and thus the damage type the NPC will do then change the modules accordingly. If you are facing Blood Raiders then they’ll only do EM and Thermal damage, focus on resisting them (don’t forget to change for each mission!)
Rigs: ideally armour resistance rigs. Use them to fill in resistance holes to level out before any mission specific low-slot modules. May be a capacitor rig if you are still worried about capacitor duration.

She’ll not be fast - or at least will feel slow after destroyers and frigates, but she’ll smash things up and soak a fair bit of damage. I like the Maller - it’s a brawler compared to the lighter on it’s feet Omen.

Experiment with your fit, let us know what works and enjoy the ship.

Good luck.



It is EVE’s first and most important rule.

Also, just to say, even if you have the bare minimum skills trained, doesn’t automatically mean you can fly a ship well.

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and i would add “i play pve” doesn’t mean anythg. give context. ratting? npc types? missions etc

oh oops. I play PVE, still doing SOE epic arcs. and can you switch energy crystals in battle? or do you have to be docked in?

You can do that on the fly (pun intended)

  • Have the crystals in your cargohold
  • Stop using your guns
  • Right click your guns and the crystals should show up
  • Click desired crystal and it will be loaded.

The beauty of Amarr lasers, they instantly reload

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A very useful recent change was the list is ordered by range - longest range ammunition at the top of the list, shortest at the bottom.

Also: @Eruch_Von_Manstein, group your guns (the little infinity / sideways figure 8 symbol). It makes life easier if you haven’t done it.
And the buttons can be dragged and dropped to easier places.

Re: PvP or PvE - this game isn’t one or the other. It’s Eve.
In the real world I can stay in safe areas minimally interacting with people living a quiet life, tending the garden, making bits and pieces to sell. Some nutter may just lunge at me in the street with a knife screaming “PvP” - and yeah, I’ll try to avoid him but I am aware he exists.
Likewise, I could go and fight in a war zone (plenty of them in the real world), killing for whatever cause: belief, duty, or paycheck I want. I’m still at some point going to need to get food, load ammunition, sleep, pitch my tent. I can pretend I’m fighting someone with flapping canvas if I want to personify the wind. Or the rats I harvest are real people.

It’s Eve: Everyone v Everything.


and I did group my guns. just that I don’t have enough beam lasers. can’t find any on the market. what is the biggest trade hub in gallente-amarr space? I need to buy more weapons. Thanks.

Amarr EFA (that’s the Emperor Family Academy Station in the Amarr System in Domain).

Don’t underestimate the advantage of fast swapping ammunition as the range changes - compared to the 5 seconds of Hybrids or (horrors) 10 seconds for Projectile ammunition re-loads it’s wonderful.
And crystals last forever, even the faction and T2 crystals will give you a thousand shots or more before burning out.

If you find yourself at Amarr EFA look me up - happy to run out on a mission with you if you wish.

oh ok thanks.

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