Is robbing ESS bank still a thing?

When this was new and perhaps few months after I would occasionally kill ppls carrying keys, but not anymore. I don’t hear it being discussed either. Not ingame and not here. Zkill shows some ppls do die with keys in cargo, but the frequency is very low.

So are there peoples still doing it? hard to know when nullsec players don’t rant about it on forums…

Has died down a lot. Even in Vale I don’t see many notifications anymore.

I never tried it myself, but all the peoples who I know who tried it never got away with anything meaningful.

Based on the fact that it died off and the experiences of those I know, I speculate that nullsec players found a strategy that almost never lets the thief to get away, thus nobody is trying.

I remember an overside ab staber was a thing earlier, did CCP nerf that or changed some mechanics to prevent it? I think I heard something like that.

Anyone willing to tell us their (ideally recent) experiences with robbing ESS bank?