Is T3 still no-fly?

I have been thinking about me and my organization returning to EVE.

The new solo instances Abyssal Deadspace that are coming looks like fun, we left because all new content over the years has been no-fly for T3 cruisers and that is all we like to fly.

Can the new content be done in a T3?

T3’s are not allowed inside abyssal deadspace because there would be zero point in running them in anything else if they were allowed lol

Heavy Assault Cruisers are recently buffed and more fun now, though.

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That is too bad…since it is solo I thought CCP would take a little extra time and make the instance scale to ship.

At least you are honest, most people don’t answer in a way that makes the T3 look badass, they find a way around saying CCP can’t because it would crush everything in sight an all other cruisers are a joke compared to them :stuck_out_tongue: Hence why we can never fly them in the same places cruisers can go.

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