Is the email still valid?

I have emailed this address a few times in the last few months and never got a reply, maybe I missed something???

Are you using the email attached to your account? If not, that’s probably why you haven’t been answered

yes it is the email my paid account are registered to. But that really shouldn’t make a difference to whether a customer enquiry is even acknowledged?

Speaking from experience, don’t be surprised if they take a week or two or longer to reply. I recently sent them a “yes/no” question not even specific to my account (so I sent it from a different email) and it took almost two weeks to get a reply. This isn’t the first time I had to wait forever and a half for a reply either.

You should receive an automatic confirmation reply with a ticket number - as long as you have that, be patient and do not reply further unless to indicate the ticket has been resolved.

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I am going back to last November though… I asked first time about filming at Eve London… I asked them for a clarification about the Bush Fire appeal and in last two months asked them 3 questions repeated in 2 mails ., and none of them started ‘can I have…’ xD
I only got one support Ticket and the next day the link and manually entering the number got me an OOps can’t find it page… :slight_smile:
Kinda glad it ain’t just me though xD

Last time I waited I honestly considered writing them a letter by mail thinking it qould get me a reply faster… you should consider it (include ticket number) and the statement “I shouldn’t have to write a letter to get a timely reply”

I actually took a nuclear, very public approach to force them to address my ticket… but that doesn’t apply to every ticket.

It’s been 5 months since i e-mailed CCP in regards to the name our rooms contest and have had zero response for either ticket or email. Numerous other people have had the same problem. I think that their new building may be abandoned at the moment. I mean, I understand that summer is important to them, but NO response from anyone?

There is some flu going around, so they haven’t been using their office much.

I don’t think where you are sat effects the ability to process emails… that is a really crap excuse I hope they don’t ever use lol. Any IT based company is absolutely the least effected by what it going on so long as they all have wifi.

It’s worth remembering that whenever you update the ticket with replies and follow ups, it pushes you to the end of the queue for replies, sooooooo don’t unless it’s highly relevant to getting an appropriate response :upside_down_face:

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