Is the info possible to find and available to use? (industry/ API)

i’m thinking of trying to make an app/website that shows the rarity of ships in EVE, using API data and comparing total possible (limited run BPCs of Alliance Tournament prize ships) to make vs total made (via industry) vs total destroyed (via kill mails).

what i don’t know yet is if that kind of data can be pulled to use.

AFAIK there is no way to know what was built be players. Best you could do is compare total theoretical max of prize ships vs total destroyed.


Total of 5? Golden Magnates.

Looking at the shipsLost key can see 1 was lost. (was another lost but long ago so isn’t in API/CREST).

So it can be assumed there are at least 4 (really 3) left.

is there no way to find out how many BPCs where awarded/invented, or is that just something CCP doesn’t keep / doesn’t bother to check?

another path might be to see how many have been sold, though that misses any used by the person who made it or gifted/traded.

For special ships you could find out. Like there is a set number of BPCs for AT ships (50 i think?). But for normal ships like say a drake, there is no way of knowing how many were built, but could know (up to a point/not including super old ones) how many were destroyed.

yeah, that’s basically what i would like to be able to see, only for the special, limited-run ships.

i knew from the beginning it wouldn’t apply to anything “common” because there’s no limit to how many of a ship have been built. anything that you can buy a BPO for is unlimited.

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