Is there a channel for gankers

To all join up similar to bombers bar so they can go out and gank other ships in high sec?

Asking for a friend.


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Why Was I Ganked?

I tell ya its more welcoming that Gank Intel and AntiGank Whatever, theyll ban you for looking funny.


Is that the famous “player interaction” everyone is raving about?

Nah its the channels from those who dont want player interaction


Gee I wonder why. :thinking:

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Boring nerds, krabs and bots mostly


Drac banned me because I said blackflag was a merc corp :smiley:

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Drac is allegedly from the East End where he says people are renowned for their truth tellingloooooolollol sorry I couldnt keep a straight face.

He used it as an excuse :smiley:

Mainly he figured out I was using the AG channels to figure out who his alts were and he panicked :smiley:

I cant even remember why I got banned.

Probably for supporting Knowledgeminer or Buoytender Bob giving good advice to noobs while Drac claimed he was lying or something.

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Unrelated but I didn’t want to create a thread about it, I just video recorded a bot doing a thing 51 times… sent to CCP.

If a ban happens I will post at least one video about it.

Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


I’ll pop my head in for a looksie…



It’s meant to be lovely, I’m banned, can’t think why

Why would you be banned? In any case who was banned first? Im thinking it was [MrDiao] who received a ban from that chat channel then I think [MrDiao] was unbanned for a small isk fee.

Might be true, not sure who even runs that chat channel now to even ask.

Send me 1bil and I 'll unban you.

You think id pay to get back to that channel :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It a den of Vipers


Well I had to try it, because it was just matter of time before someone else would.