Is there a corp for just .... you know ... being


My real life is really, really full of work, and chess, and other things you’d probably hate. So the time for Eve is … kindof … random. I’ve done most things in this game, run a corp and alliance, done null warfare, missions, wormhole living, mining, manufacturing.
Now, I just relax and do a little exploration, some combat sites and stuff. I’d love to just log in whenever I have the time and have a chat with fellow like-minded people and do my thing. Doing it alone isn’t as fun.
I can fly lots of ships from BS down, as well as select caps (Archon, Rorqual) if there are corp things I have time joining. I’m EU-tz btw. Oh and summer time, I disappear as I don’t have a win/mac computer at the summer home.

Anything out there?

You could check out my corp :slight_smile: We sound like a good fit for you

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Hey there Chal0ner,

I am with ISK.Industries and we are a pretty laid back corp that is mainly industry/pve but we are branching out into pvp.

With us you can be as active as you like. Wtih a growing community there almost always someone on to have a chat with or to ask questions.

We are a mature group…for the most part lol but you won’t find your shortage of people from EU/UK TMZ.

We have folks that run missions, lots of mining some that do a lot of exploration or just sit in jita and trade. You welcome to do what you like.

If that interests you message me in game or hop into our DS to say hi and we can chat more. Fly safe o7

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