Is there a missile equivalent of the Cynabal?

(Amarelle Kouvo) #1

Damn, this thing is fast! Just wondering if there’s anything nearly as fast but with missiles as primary weapon?

7.4au warp and the acceleration is awesome!

(Val en Thielles) #2

Orthrus is the fast and agile missile cruiser, but only Angels get higher base warp speed.

(Amarelle Kouvo) #3


I thought so. The Cynabal made the SoE epic arc quicker, but all my other alts are missile trained. Time to train guns then :slight_smile:

(Orren Grund) #4

A cruiser is mostly overkill for the SoE arc, but it certainly makes it easier (and fast with a Cynabal). My last time through I used a Sunesis hull that I had laying in Arnon, for example. Flew in on a shuttle, quickly armed the destroyer with cheap modules and basic missiles/drones, then took it home to my main base after completion. Some people use a frigate, though often an advanced one like an Interceptor…

Though now that you mentioned it I do have a Cynabal hull stored. Might have to check if it’s as funny as my old (and somewhat oddly fit) Stabber Fleet Issue. :wink: