Is there a missile equivalent of the Cynabal?

Damn, this thing is fast! Just wondering if there’s anything nearly as fast but with missiles as primary weapon?

7.4au warp and the acceleration is awesome!

Orthrus is the fast and agile missile cruiser, but only Angels get higher base warp speed.

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I thought so. The Cynabal made the SoE epic arc quicker, but all my other alts are missile trained. Time to train guns then :slight_smile:

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A cruiser is mostly overkill for the SoE arc, but it certainly makes it easier (and fast with a Cynabal). My last time through I used a Sunesis hull that I had laying in Arnon, for example. Flew in on a shuttle, quickly armed the destroyer with cheap modules and basic missiles/drones, then took it home to my main base after completion. Some people use a frigate, though often an advanced one like an Interceptor…

Though now that you mentioned it I do have a Cynabal hull stored. Might have to check if it’s as funny as my old (and somewhat oddly fit) Stabber Fleet Issue. :wink:

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