Is there a reason insta lock invincible incursion frigates with scram and web are protecting Fountian low to null sec entry point?

Seems well timed while they are deployed south in Feythabolis.

There’s always someone who will benefit from having incursion frigates around.

Last time I was surprised by a rather smart trap someone set up in a null sec system camped by the incursion:

Place a bubble and decloaking cans at a gate in a well traveled yet empty pipe system with a distance between the two gates that’s bigger than max dscan range.

Result: cloaky travelers (explorers such as myself) see an empty system and think it is safe to warp gate to gate, land in the bubble at the other gate, get decloaked and instantly locked and killed by the incursion rats.

Grabbing the loot may be a challenge, but getting kills on people who don’t expect an empty system to be dangerous won’t be.

I was lucky enough to not fall for the trap by coming from the other direction.

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