Is there a reason t1 freigthers cost 3.5 bil?

I remember these being around 1.4 bil a year ago.

I’d rather plex for a jump freighter if I’m going to plex at all.

Why on earth would I fly a 3.5 bil killmail through high sec?

You can’t isk tank a t1 freighter that’s 3.5 bil.

yes CCP dramatically changed industry in a way that makes any capital ship highly complicated to build and with transaction fees impacting more than a dozen steps along the way. 3.5 seems a tad high, but build costs are right at 3 atm.

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Where are you seeing a T1 freighter (e.g. Badger, Tayra) commonly listed for 3.5bil??

those aren’t really considered freighters… they are more talking about like Charon etc.


Well then be careful, only fly a freighter if your are lazy to go back twice.

Welcome to Scarcity 2.0

What if I told you that gank ships and their fits also went up in price perportionally?

FTFY , industry changes saw mineral costs for destroyers lowered .


but T2 guns are much more expensive. the hull price was never the main cost

My apologies must have missed that as we were talking about hull prices

The Gila jumped to 300 mil from 100 mil. Which is a massive increase and could be harder for ded hunters to buy another Gila if they lose it.

They aren’t done yet! They are killing compression soon; combine that with the added PI in blueprints and now the mining loss while mining, these prices are going to continue to increase.

I’m glad I got my old PoS sticks + compression array still setup.

The legacy PoS actually saved me from quite a few hardships with all these changes over the last few years.

But the tier 1 guns went down.

I just donated 100 tier 1 catalysts to Queen Aiko Danuja.

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