Is there a way to create a "giveaway" contract with EVE api?

Hello, I’m new coder using EVE ESI.
I’m trying to make a “Quest” to make corporation guideline, but cannot find contract creation API in docs.
I just want to make “giveaway” contracts to make custom missions to guide newbies and give quest rewards, but no API described in docs.

Is there a way to create a giveaway contract with EVE ESI to give some item to corporation member?

No. See Make contract endpoint. · Issue #97 · esi/esi-issues · GitHub. In short this’ll never happen. Best you could do is Open prefilled contract window · Issue #784 · esi/esi-issues · GitHub, but don’t bank on it being implemented anytime soon.

though it isn’t possible to auto issue rewards, it is possible to use the APIs to verify someone has in deed completed certain tasks. What kind of goals do you intend to set for them in these “quests”?

Like an agent quest, want to give some corporation delivery task, or kill something.
As I know, cause EVE ESI not supports NPC kill log, I have to make some “accepting” quest contract and detect quest completion.

Disappointingly, that link says it’s completely impossible, so the only solution seems to be to give up automatic and manually reward.

Thanks, sir.
I completely dropped my objective to make auto reward after seeing that issue.

It would be nice if CCP provided some automation APIs for verified third parties, but it’s unlikely… But still I hope.

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