Is there an eve discord channel?

i got banned from the one in under an hour for being a neko, cause they consider that as being a furry, so any other discord that dosent discriminate? or atleast ban you for something like that

This game has a few well known clowns from yesteryear, you’re one of them. Not at all surprised you got kicked so quickly from… anything.

On a similar note: Tank CEO came into Rookie channel a short while ago, asking hilarious newbie questions.

Tank? Really. Did anyone realise who he was?

I still await the second coming of Backdoor Bandit and the minmatar gay rights league.

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“Is there an EVE Discord channel cos I got banned from it?”

Yes. Yes, there is. You got banned from it.


I don’t think it’s discrimination when people make fun of you for this. At worst, it should hint you at the fact that you might have problems that need to be talked about. You’re not a male human cat, you’re a male human human.


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