Is there any EVEMON replacement in 2020

It used to be in 2012 a fantastic tool called EveMon time ago, so after any combat I could see a graph and how effective was every gun. Is there any similar tool on the market?

Evemon still exists. I’m not sure if it has the functionality you are looking for though.

[EVEMon 4.0.17]

Released 21 days ago

pyfa is the gold standard category killer for fitting design and analysis, including damage modeling. You can design custom target profiles (sigs/speeds) and model your weapons against these profiles at different ranges and and angles (so you can compare missiles, which are not affected by traversal velocity, against turrets, which are). In addition to DPS graphs, you can create damage-over-time graphs, which are even more useful in many cases and several other kinds of graphs involving damage, capacitor (eg. how does your ship fare when being CAPWARed and you’re using capboosters to counteract the CAPWAR?), shields, model damage after applying EWAR/command bursts, etc.

EVEMon is still a thing, but not for what you describe - perhaps you’re confusing it with EFT?


[quote=“Archer_en_Tilavine, post:4, topic:239866”] perhaps you’re confusing it with EFT?

It could be - those software gave me a detailed graph (combat analyzer) similar to this page (I think it was more detailed, I could track by time whats happen):
So can Pyfa or EveMoon this or only old EFT?

I’m not familiar with that site; I don’t know how to use it so I couldn’t say.

I remember. You’re a pyfa fanboy. The UI is still both horrible and slow.

Real men use the ingame fitting tool.


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Not really sure what you mean but Pyfa can make damage graphs.

Pyfa is very neat, still figuring it out as I just got it recently. it isn’t very hard at all to use.

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I remember you saying something along the lines of one of the EVE greats only using the in-game fitting tool, and how smart people make do with less rather than more. Using in-game fitting tool over pyfa forfeits the ability to:

  • Use different skill profiles
  • Simulate different damage profiles
  • Simulate command boosters/projections such as EWAR/Logi/Environmental Effects
  • Conduct comprehensive damage modeling w/ side-by-side comparative analysis
  • CAP vs CAPWAR simulation
  • etc

That “less is more” principle only goes so far before it transitions from “resourcefulness” to “inefficiency” to “stubborn idiocy” in relation to learning and utilizing tools orders of magnitude more capable than what you are using now relative to your needs… like an abacus vs a graphing calculator if you’re trying to perform trigonometric computations :grin:. No, I’m not directly or indirectly calling you an idiot, that was not the intention of my remark so please do not take offense, I’m just saying I feel you stretched that principle way too thin the last time this was brought up.

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I was just poking some fun at you. Or from you? :slight_smile:

Taking this stuff personally will just make sure that certain someones (totally not unlike myself ) keep poking you until you stop taking it so personally. That you really do! If you’re the programmer though, then sorry, because then it’s justified.

I don’t really care about using it. I don’t see the point in it. We used to call people like you EFT-Warriors. You’re not wrong trying to minmax a setup, but it seems you’re taking it more personally than you should. It’s just at tool and it’s UI is, no matter what you say, rather bad. :slight_smile:

Oh I wasn’t taking it personally. When you posted that from back then I was like… is this person willfully ignorant? How ■■■■■■■ stupid can you possibly get!?! I give you kudos for pulling a fast one on me, though. Totally got me :+1:

Minmax warrior indeed :muscle:

Not taking it personally? Not even the slightest bit? Eeeehhh, have you looked at your response? :smiley:

When someone identifies with what he does, the tools he uses for achieving his goal usually become an extension of his self. When I “attack” the tool, it’s “normal” for people to feel attacked directly. It’s like telling a vegan that his food tastes like ■■■■. He’ll take it personally. Especially because he’s vegan. Those guys are nuts.

May your pyfa never break. :slight_smile:

PS: I’m not calling you a vegan. ■■■■ vegans.

Is this damage graph^^ from Pyfa a simulation OR a graph after the combat based on logs? As I am looking for the second one.

I’m a vegetarian. I don’t understand how vegans can do it.

I am looking for this one, which check also how good was a shot (scratch, good, wrecking, etc), so I could see with ammo was better in the same gun.

Through the power of narcissism, ignorance and marketing. I’m not even kidding.

This is in Pyfa itself.

Oh my that takes me back. The stand alone Combat Log Analyser died years ago. Sorry.

Got good news.

I was looking for this piece of software (not EveMon):

However, yesterday in desperation in finding a replacement found someone did a working version in March 2020 through Covid-19 time:

Just testing it now, work OK. Had 10 minutes battle Yesterday, my first cruiser with NPC Battlecruiser. Had 3 types of guns, same ammo - see which one was best now. Thanks everyone for help.

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