Is there any way to change Orbit plane?

In my speed tank Executioner I depend on angular velocity to have an advantage over my target. Sometimes it seems like I am orbiting back to front on a moving target. So my angular velocity varies significantly. Low when traveling in the same direction so I get hit, high when in the opposite so I can’t track.

Is there any way to change the plane of Orbit so I am more perpendicular to my target?


No, not really; your relative position to your target can have influence on the orbit plane when you do issue the orbit command.

You can always manually orbit your target which is significantly more difficult but is an expert skill that you’d need to learn to master PvP combat.


Ok Thanks

you could also try a combination of the following commands: Orbit + keep at x distance from

The second command will move you to a perpendicular angle (for a brief moment) almost instantaneously if you have a decent enough ping.

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Thanks I will try that

Hate to necro a two week old question, but the arrow keys could be very helpful to you.


Wohooo, I want my joystick back!

or come in at a different angle

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