Is there anybody out there......DEVS?


Please take the time to read the posts regarding rule violations on the test server. As far as I can tell this has never really been addressed. This goes beyond non consensual PVP (which is my issue) and would extend to racial, gender and other forms of abuse or threats. Do you, or do you not have the means to monitor or investigate such behaviour, or are you failing in your duty of care to the community?




Shooting in designated areas, is that your isue?

Yes, although the bigger issue is the lack of response to any of these questions

More like outside designated areas.


Pretty sure SISI is for CCP to test, and not for players. We’re just allowed to mess around it, which is why CCP doesn’t care at all about what happens on there.

That’s nice. Let me know when they enforce the rules.

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if u buy thousands of plex they will start enforce it

You guys are new to eve? Sounds like it as if you think the forum moderators or staff care. I heard they hire complaints out to some company in India that basically tells you to suck it up.

Yo @CCP_Falcon why the radio silence ?

In the end, you don’t lose anything on the test server so it’s not a HUGE deal unless everyone’s going wild?
I don’t know, havent been there for a long time.

You lose time, and have to reschedule or move.
Which sucks… Some people have a hard time scheduling things so it becomes a big deal.


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