Is There Away To Reduce People That Bot?

One thought that was discussed in a group of our corporation-- nurf ore in High-Sec. Essentially, redistributing the ore amount.
Example: Take 10% of materials and distribute to low-sec.
Increase ore in Low-Sec.

Make ore hard to get?

CCP already has a resource distribution initiative underway. It’s currently in phase 2 of 3. It is one of many other anti-botting initiatives going on that has cut back botting big time. Read the dev blogs :slight_smile:

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What does your suggestion have anything to do with your thread’s title about botting?


You do know that there is far more botting going on in null than in high sec, right?


Speaking of which, CCP, when are you going to teleport some more botting supers to Yulai so we can kill them? It should be a daily event…


They really ought to teleport all the people in Yulai out to the botting super - it would make more sense.

The best way to deal with bots is to report them. A fleet of Orcas in highsec isn’t always going to be a bot - multiboxing is legal as long as you don’t use automation.

The faster the bot is identified and banned, the less likely the operation will be profitable. Another way to discourage bots is don’t buy stuff from them. Only purchase game items from CCP or authorized resellers.

Botting isn’t as common in Highsec as it is in null, or the very least they are “harder” to spot as they are quite good at blending in with the average “regular” player, or at least not from what I’ve noticed.

now if only ice anoms spawned randomly within region (presevring sec status, so HS ice anoms were to spawn only in HS) AND make trigs patrol ore/ice anoms as they do moons, belts and structures…


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