Is there emp weapons in the game

my question is are there emp weapons like missiles and drones of some sort

EVE has various weapon systems, including all the types you mentioned.

Projectile weapons can be loaded with EMP charges and one of the four types of smartbombs also is based on EMP.
Missile weapons exist in all sizes. And so do drones, as well as much bigger fighter drones.

And then there are various hybrid weapons shooting plutionium or depleted uranium amongst other things. Laser weapons heating up your ship with gamma rays, microwaves and waves of all other kinds of frequencies. Or just shoot them with lead. EVE has it all!

In EVE, “EM” is just a type of damage. In terms of the practical effects of what “EMP” does, you’re probably looking for the ECM electronic warfare type, which breaks target locks and/or prevents targeting from taking place, and energy neutralizers, which eat up a target’s capacitor. They’re not exactly EMP weapons, but the effects are slightly similar.

Otherwise, no, there isn’t some kind of pulse you can send out with a device that would temporarily shut down ships, etc.

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There are EMP ammunitions in the game. For example, a hurricane equipped with artillery uses medium projectile ammo. These come in several varieties like EMP (short ranged high damage, lots of EM damage, can come in Republic EMP), Phased Plasma (Short ranged high damage that replicates hybrid ammo damage can some in Republic Phased Plasma), depleted uranium (standard, can come in Republic Depleted Uranium), carbonized lead (long range, less damage, can come in Republic Carbonized Lead), tremor (long range moderately high damage but doesn’t come in republic flavor so actually less damage than Republic EMP most of the time), and quake (short range joke).

A lot of FPS games have EMP type weapons which disable vehicular subsystems. In this game EMP projctile ammo is straight up damage. However to shut down enemy modules (subsystems mean something differently in this game), you can use energy neutralization modules to suck the capacitor of the enemy dry.

Drones are put in the dronebay to use them, you cannot launch them from the cargo bay. Also, I’ve tried but you can’t take them from a cargo container in space and put them in the drone bay either. If you have drones in the drone bay and the skills to use them, you can right click a drone in the dronebay and then left lick “launch drones.” To actually use them, you have to lock onto a target and issue an order within your drone control range, or just set them to aggressive and wait for someone to attack you. If the enemy goes out of drone control range but the drones are already fighting, they’ll continue the chase.

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