Is there mining in Emerging Conduits?

Just curious if any of Triglavian ores can be mined in them and don’t have a proper combat ship to take in to one and check it out yet.

They contain Talassonite (no market listing) spread over a large area through the rock formations. Doesn’t look “easy” to mine due to the distances. It contains regular minerals, mostly Tritanium.

It’s a Scordite derivate, but can’t be compressed, so it’s rather bulky to transport. On the plus side everyone can have their personal mining site with unlimited supply, once you killed the trig spawns. You may need an alt to keep the site open after the anomaly despawns.

You can clear emerging conduits in solo orca. Fit I have been using has average 50% shield left on completion. It is also much quicker than solo rattlesnakes, which appear to be combat ship of choice to farm these sites. If looking to farm, orca will do three sites per hour, including all wreck salvaging.

Downside is my orca fit is really only good for boosting afterwards, not mining. A solo mining orca ie with drone mining rigs fitted, will also clear a conduit but would very likely be well into structure afterwards. Making you a higher gank risk if you hang around to mine.

If you can dual box or have corp mate available then this becomes less of an issue. You clear and then swap to mining fit. As long as a ship is in place the site stays open but it does disappear from d-scan immediately. Meaning you would have to be scanned down with combat probes, so, you would likely see it coming if you did try to clear and mine in solo mining fit. Finally, using an orca, non-compression of this ore becomes less of an issue, as you can still haul out 250,000+ m3 of talassonite.

This is true. Plus, size of rocks are relatively small. (Compared with moon belts as example.) Combined, these two facts make use of an afk orca to be a little impractical.

Best scenario is orca and skiff, with latter boosted for distance as well as yield. With 30 km reach on harvesters you dont have to keep moving the orca so much. But, you can still only semi-afk at best as buffer volume of skiff ore hold is too small anyway. A mack might work well in this scenario, especially as the sites disappear from d-scan. (Hmm. Might have to try that.)

I like the ore, since i do these sites in my home system i have my own refinery close by, and the difference with this ore is you get Megacyte which is hard to come by in Minmatar high sec.


I agree on both points… it’s not a bad ore and the fact that these conduits are everywhere means you can choose which system works best for you.

It is an even better ore if you are building stuff, like ships. Otherwise, the vast volume of tritanium is actually a bit of a problem to haul if you are looking to refine and sell, and not just use. On the other hand, you just need to build two or three procurers regularly and you will never keep up with demand for more tritanium !

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I’ve been doing these while I am at work and have been randomly AFK mining with an orca and 2 retrievers. The ore takes a while to pull, each rock ranges from 50 - 950 units. With my char that can fly a mack, I can pull 116 units per cycle, Retrievers are doing 108. I wouldn’t recommend it as a money making ore, but the minerals that you get form it can be compressed. If you have a corp that can get a large mining fleet together, this stuff would be great, especially since you get Zydrine (81x100) , Megacyte (13x100), Noxium (456x100) and Trit (12600x100).

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These sites do vanish, it happened to me a couple days ago. I had been mining it for hours, and was logging to go home so I could keep going. I had warped a toon in a pod only, as the serp rats wouldn’t attack it, and then the site vanished. So I am assuming that they either A. vanish after time, or B. Need to be there in a ship. I will be testing this out in a Drake with high res tank.

did you ever try the drake idea? anyone know what the m3 total is?

We hit one last night with a pair of miners and an orca… mined the belt for almost 6 hours and only got half of the belt that had spawn but it was worth the effort for the megacyte the ore gives when processed. Over 200 asteroids spread over 250km… so I’d guess the m3 is ALOT…

As best as I can remember, the total of the one I did was in excess of 500k m3. Roids are spread out and the biggest run around 15k, with 9k and smaller spread out. The sites themselves are HUGE, over 100km wide.

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But is the ore worth it compared to other ores you can get in HS (looking at you veldspar that is somehow valuable again)

What’s the best module to use for mining these? I assume modulated strip miner is inefficient since there is no crystal that can be used for talassonite.

so T1 or ore variant.

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Talassonite is an excellent ore if you are building in the same system you are mining the ore in. It refines otherwise hard to find in HS minerals like Megacyte, Nox and zydrine in large amounts compared to other locally available ores.

Its a group activity imho and its great content for production corps and organized mining corps.

One guy in a frigate achieving four to five kmsec (I forgot) to lure them away …
… the other guy to mine the ■■■■ out of the structure.

To be fair, though, we haven’t actually mined there yet.

Obviously. You also haven’t looked at the ore’s industry tab. You probably also didn’t know that someone MUST stay on the field or you lose the site. You can’t BM it. Have fun…when you actually do it.

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Please mind your tone, young lady.
I have no idea why what you’re writing is even relevant.

All I said, is that these sites appear to be doable with two characters.

If 97.14 ISK/m3 is excellent…hint: its not, veldspar is 164.08 ISK/m3

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