Mining in High-Sec after Triglavian

I have been playing Eve for a long time. I love to play in the background. I do the main work, I am a programmer. And I play Eve.

I spent a lot of time mining ore in high security sectors. Throughout the game before the Triglav event, I lost only one ship. During the game after Triglav, I already lost two ships, including the Hulk. The problem is that the typical Hulk plus drones bunch stopped working.

I propose to remove Triglav cruising ships from the asteroid belts of high security sectors. As a way to solve the problem, I propose to rework the mechanics of either Triglav ships or drones so that drones automatically defeat Triglav ships as it happens with other pirate ships.

Eve provided a wonderful way to play in the background. Now this is not possible.

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You can still use hulks if you check your system.
Use the correct ship for the current circumstances.

How? I dig in a system with a status of 0.7. I checked two more systems. The result is similar - the Triglavs arrive sooner or later. I dig Veldspar, I need a free system like the one in which I’m digging right now. If you tell me how to find her, then I will be glad.

Deep scan.
Look for emerging conduits in system.
You only get Trigs in invasion or emerging conduit systems.

I do not understand. I know little mechanics. What does “emerging conduit systems” mean? I would be grateful for the link to the page. I read , but did not understand how to distinguish the system .

Can you see an emerging conduit beacon as a warp option in the system.
If so, then your system is currently an emerging.conduit system.

Not. There is no such beacon. But the Triglavs to the belt have already flown twice.

‘I love to mine afk.’

You are the problem.


It is a combat anomoly that will be in your scanner window

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You’re right. There are problem.

I like people like you. You like to offend, but I love insults. I am the reason for your expenses and the goal of your interests. I don’t have time to waste your time on you. Pray to the god of cats.

Please accept gratitude for the real help. I will do as you said.

A lot of people look down upon AFK mining as an effortless way to make ISK (however low income from highsec mining is). You should either pay more attention, mine in an Orca which can stay on grid with Triglavian fleet for several minutes (ven though I’ve seen Orcas dying to triglavians in highsec as well), or prepare for unexpected consequences of AFK mining, such as coming back to your computer and noticing that you’re in your pod, or even a medical clone station. But if you’re willing to stay vigilant during mining, you might as well join a large nullsec group and start mining in a Rorqual.

I understand you and you are right. I am aware of the PVP in the AFK mining. All I’m talking about is that without the participation of other players, the game should be extremely predictable. I understand random, but I can’t understand Triglav frigates on asteroid belts. I moved to dig into a security system 1.

I will gladly accept alliance invitations to dig at zeros with a security guarantee without PVP requirements.

You will find those in WoW.

AFK means you can’t react, while game in background means you will react, just take time, so you are not AFK playing .
People like to insult each other (you’ll notice that’s their sole contribution on the topic) and so will call you AFK even though you are not AFK. Ignore them, they are retard.

What you can do :

  • There are a very few systems in HS that do not have trigs. Find them, typically it’s around starter systems.
  • Not sure anymore, but it seems trigs don’t go in anoms. You can mine in a mining anomaly .
  • and of course you can empty a conduit, and there you will be able to mine. I went with a friend, and we got no trig once we cleaned the anom. The value is no that high though.

Miner tears!!

Greetings to Human. I divide everyone into people (monkey) and humans (man). They are not retard just peoples.

I’m glad you understood me. To my regret, I started this topic and therefore I must answer all. I started the topic because the technical support operator said to contact here and create a discussion here.

I transferred my entire fleet to the ninth level security system. The result remains the same. Moreover, there was additional evidence of the existence of the problem. The fleet of some Gallente company (NPC) is digging into the system. The fleet tears off belt after belt without a single shot. After ten minutes of my excavation, the Triglavs flew at me and my obelisk.

I understand how it works now. I am told to write here suggestions for improving the game for company employees, and I am writing. I can drive Nestor into the system and disperse the Triglavs, but I play a different game. I want to play a game when I watch a movie and on three other monitors the veldspar is mined. It is important that I played such a game for a very long time. Now the game is broken, and I suggest the developers fix the error.

Regarding the zero sector, I will ask so. I lived there in 2015. Then the alliance fell apart. And I lived there poorly: I had to constantly monitor the local chat, neutral characters flew in, someone relied on someone bubles ans so on.

Where can I find an alliance in which I can make ships, charges, stations to them in my joy? All the money that I need is only to pay for the game because I consider it below my dignity to pay for it. Please understand that when I play war I get another paid account. But playing production and paying money for it would be foolish.

I was invited to that alliance. Where can I find out about the alliances that I need with my 7 production characters?

It is an diabolic tears, Salt.


Because it’s harder for you to watch movies while “playing” the game? Not broken.

You do, eh? If you enjoy your game then pay for it if you can.

Spending your time doing things in a video game you evidently don’t enjoy enough to pay real money for if you can pay real money for your hobby instead is what is foolish.

Gentleman, you are mistaken. I am a programmer myself. I can make games. I can do software. I take money for software when the user himself wants to give it to me as a gift. I also understand the sale of skins, something unique that changes the picture.

When I say that the game is broken, I also know what I’m saying. When, for ten years, a button made printing so that a piece of paper climbed out of the printer, and now suddenly it started to make the coffee machine pour coffee - that means the button is broken. I described the gameplay error with the message above. I write this for developers, it’s not you.

My attention is worth the money. If something doesn’t suit me in a game, movie, or other business, then they should pay me, that is, compensate for the costs. I am glad that the developer of Eve understands this and compensates for the days of omega status. I’m sorry that you do not understand this.

It is fundamentally. To pay for a hobby is to sell a soul. You can pay for a new tennis racket, but to pay for a game of tennis means already to be terminally ill.

Oh here we go!!