Is there "mining ledger" for PI?

is there “mining ledger” for PI?

i just want to see how much stuff i extracted

No, there isn’t.

Activity tracker sort of does.

That would be NICE :+1::star2::clap:

This would be nice.

does api have anything?

It can pull how many colonies you have, location, and what their layouts are…don’t think it pulls amount extracted though

NEOCOM 2 for iPhone.
tells you everything you’re colonies are doing, and where they are, how much they are mining per hour and how much they mine in all.
You can also se your factories, silos and launch pads.
It’s a good app.

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Also easy to figure, use # of factories multiplied by output per factory per day
F x U per hour = daily total units

yea if you are in the constant coma,
you never change your extractors,
it is easy - zero dayily total units

(i tryed eve pi - it just does not log in)

API does not show any historical PI data

It does not even show storage in Launchpad

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