We got the mining ledger, how about the mineral ledger?

(Wesfahrn) #1

This is just a simple interface thing that keeps track of your mineral stock. So you can see how much is consumed daily, weekly, monthly, how much is gained either from buying or refining, and how much is bought on the market and so on. useful for people who spend all day manufacturing and want some more data to look at and analyze i guess. Wont hurt.

(Chocolate Pickle) #2

I think location is an issue. It’s useless to say I gained twenty million Mex when your production lines are in The Citadel, but said Mexallon was in Omist.

All mining goes into the one location: your active ship. And your ship can only be in one location at any point in time. This does not hold true for minerals.

(Wesfahrn) #3

Thats a good point. But im not sure location matters much. I presume the interesting things to know is how many minerals you used today and how many you got from mining/buying etc. And what your stock is, for example per region, and in total etc.

Another issue tho is that manufacturing has become pretty complex. So you are no longer only relying on minerals, and this could make this kind of ledger too complex ?

(Ajem Hinken) #4

I’d honestly like to see more similar ideas to this. It wouldn’t hurt and would provide good data as well.

(Chocolate Pickle) #5

It’s definitely something that can be done externally via API.

(Ajem Hinken) #6

Agreed, but I can’t be bothered by API shenanigans xD

(Krysenth) #7


Warehouse and market/journal tracking (until CREST deprecation). Your welcome.

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