IS this allows?



We have declared war on your corporation due to the following reasons:

  1. Your stations in the pentagram controlled by Shepherds allow public access.
  2. You are mining and conducting business operations in Shepherds controlled space.
  3. You are harbouring Miners Who are not being friendly with our members, and clients. Not meeting the requirements of our labor on providing a service to the area.

We have RF’d your stations to Hull, We now require the following conditions to be met or in due time your stations will be destroyed and you will be evicted from our controlled systems - which we are certain you have come to realize is a very lucrative piece of space.

  1. 3 BILLION ISK to prevent your stations from being destroyed this will increase to 5 BILLION if our hand is forced to attack your stations On the kill timers coming up.
  2. 1 BILLION ISK per month tribute PER STATION to continue to live and operate in the pentagram (Gari/Jakri/Aphi/Nid/Chan)
  3. ALL of your owned stations MUST be locked to the public.

Should these requirements not be satisfactory to you, we do another proposal for resolution to your current dilemma. Join Shperherds And the Herd Of Cats which would grant you access to all of our protective and operational services including mining access to our Low Security controlled systems. This would also remove the need for your monthly tribute payments.

We are giving you 24 hours to respond to these requirements or your stations will be attacked and lost.

Awaiting response,

The Tebo

Can an alliance control HS ?


EVE is a sandbox and people can roleplay whatever they want. These players are roleplaying some attackers who want to extort your corporation. This is completely allowed.

Good luck, mate.


Yeah, as long as it doesn’t violate the EULA, might makes right.


You have at least 2 active wars and three pending wars. Imho, these are your options:

  1. Consider your structures gone. Evac everything you can and call it a day.
  2. Join them. This recruitment option sounds the most interesting! :wink:
  3. Muster your forces and do your best to defend your stuff. Give yourself a war budget, assemble the best fleet you can, and show up and fight! (this is not a mutually exclusive option, may still lead to option #2). Lots of people would give you some tips for this.

Personally I don’t usually consider paying ransoms or protection. The exception is when you must consider others’ welfare before your own.


This should be moved to Crime & Punishment…

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Moving from a not often used subforum to Crime and Punishment.


Yes. Why do you think your stations have all those guns and timers and stuff for fighting?

New Eden is a competitive place where we all struggle to get ahead and sone people choose to get ahead by force. In highsec, there are more rules, but there’s a whole set of mechanics to allow you to declare war on someone you have an issue with.

Wars are optional though. Just don’t deploy a station and use the many NPC stations, or another player’s.



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Where there’s a will there’s a way.

The game is about freedom and interaction. If they want to police an area they are free to try. You are also free to resist, run away or join the fold. Each option has it’s own interesting ramifications for you and for the game.

Do some math. Is it still worth having your structures whilst paying tribute? And keep in mind that you may gain some useful protection by doing so.

Welcome to the sandbox.


“That’s a nice structure, it’d be a shame if something happened to it” is a profession that dates back all the way to the moment mankind discovered how to stack stones and make piles of dirt.


Youve been playing since 2010, you should know this by now.

Might makes right in EVE, if you have the force of will and the force of ships to assert your dominance over a system, it is yours by right.


Let us not forget the purchase of a licence from Concord if you wish to stay on the right side of the law.

I think of highsec as a game reserve, Concord are the game wardens and they issue licenses to hunters (wardec corps) to go after specifically targeted groups of game; on the other hand, gankers are poachers, they kill game indiscriminately without having a licence.


For a mere 1 Billion ISK, I’ll say no it is not allowed. Please deposit to my wallet forthwith,


Technically? No but they can cause you some headaches as you have found out. Hire Hell Dawn to take care of the problem for you. We love highsec wars

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You also get decced because of this:

translation: you are easy, low effort target

I am not a zkill efficiency guy, and neither are most wardeccers - but when you look at zkill and you see nearly 100% snuggly (and in your case you have 100% snuggly with big freighter loss) you know that they are highly unlikely to form any kind of response. Posing as dangerous is good deterrent - after all the moment they have to deploy proper fleet ops to deal with you (even if technically you still can’t fight them back) is more trouble than asking for 1-2B TOTAL. And here you are - with a deal based on station_count/month deal, totally crap deal if you ask me.

And now that you started this thread most likely you will see even more wardecs coming your way…

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lol, you already wardecced them! :laughing:

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Those aren’t the right questions. The right questions here are:

  1. What do you mean by “control HS”?

  2. What makes you think this might not be allowed?

I can live without knowing the answer to question #1 if that turns out to be difficult for you to answer, but I’m dying to know the answer to at least question #2 :thinking:


Well done! You chose option#3, and while losing structures you guys dished out some too! :+1:


Good job OP for giving them a bloody nose right back. You lost your structures, sure but you learned that you CAN fight back. Now it’s time to go to the drawing board and figure out what else you can do so that next time you keep you structures and they suffer massive losses.

ISD needs to delete this thread before it ruins the narrative that industrial players are helpless in Wardecs!


While it can be very unwise to complain about wars here, it’s great to see a corp pull together and make the most of the game. Kudos for fighting back and standing your ground. Eve would a lot more fun if everyone took initiative like you did. This is what we like to see.