Is this botting, and what to do next?

Dear Eve-Community

since more than a week now i am spectating two botting-raven-groups of about 10 ravens each group in two seperate 0.0 systems that are only two jumps from eacht other.
They rat in ravens with autotargeting missiles, mjd-fit and two warpcorestabilizers. If any Neutrals enter local, they warp to their safepos.
Because i am camping their system with carachter A since at least one week now, they have begun to start ignoring my character - it looks like they have noticed that my charachter is no threat at all. This gave me the chance to spectate them ratting/botting.

They do only fly Angel Forsaken Rally Points and Angel Forsaken Hubs. When neuts join the local they warp to their safepos and stay their for about 7 minutes.
When i do decloak with character A in my astero at a distance of 100 km in one of the annomalies while they are ratting in there, they do always use their MJD and then warp to their POS.
When i place bubbles at their POS to drag them from one of their annomalies - i have to do that with another character B which means, they are inside their forcefield when i place the bubble because they do not ignore that character- they do not warp from their POS back into any annomaly. Probably they check the overview or the d-scan for bubbles before they warp into any site. When i place bubbles inside annomalies, which are way to far to be d-scaned, they warp into these annomalies and a few ravens land inside the bubble. Then they finish the annomaly like normal, and the few ships, that did not land inside the bubble warp to the next annomaly, while the others remain stucked inside the bubble.

Normaly i would have expected them to shoot my bubble, or to use their mjd to get out of it - but none of these action has taken place. Instead they just remained stuck in that bubble, as I expect from a non human player.

As soon as i came back into the local with character B to catch the stucked ravens, they started approaching out of the bubble. They did not use their MJD. One of them, X was the onlyone who locked me up and begin to fire. I did warp out, and X wrote GF in local. I left local, and the remaining ravens did slowely move out of the bubble and warp back to their POS.

The whole behavior these Ravens show looks very abnormal to me.
I dont think that any human player will do ratting with so many open clients between nine to twentytwo clients every day for so many hours. It would be insane. Also the way these Ravens act: In each raven-botting-group there is a character warping into the annomalies as last one. Its the same character that did lock me up and write GF in local.

All ravens do MJD at the same time. Not with any lag or so. The command to MJD goes out to all ravens at once, which obviosly proofs that at least IS-Boxer would be in use. But the fact, that the IS-Boxer did not realize that he was stuck inside a bubble while a few other ravens warped to other annomalies shows to me, that this it not IS-Boxing but botting.

Am i right with my thoughts, or is there any given chance, that this is human behavior? Should i write a support ticket, or do anything else to report him? Ingame report was already sent.


If you decide to report, I hope you have noted the exact dates, times, locations and all the character names involved.

Sounds like it is an opportunity for some easy Raven kills also. Just my 2p…


Very interesting that they determine char’s that camp their system as none threat’s I might go and camp system’s randomly while working just to get put on ignore list :]

It’s nullsec. They likely are botters and RMTers, even more so if it is renter trash.
Send in a ticket and also report them on reddit.

Name them.
Shame them.
Show no mercy.

Seriously, naming them is the best you can do for this game.


Ok… simple!
Name the system, you use your whitelisted alt to place the bubble, once the Ravens in, I come with my fellow m8 and organize couple of explosions.

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Yeah. Get a group together. I feel like some fun. Msg me in-game. I’ll join whatever group you can assemble.

Be sure to take a video and upload to YouTube if you can and link it here.

Message the guy and ransom him with a video, he might be willing to throw a few billion per week your way, only a skim off the top of his RMT.

Pretty often people asked me to post the botters name(s) and system.
Correct me if i am wrong: If i do so, i guess i do some kind of TOS violation. Same might be true if i show his name and sys in a video. Also the botter could be warned by anyone, so that he might change his system or behavior. Requesting money from him is a funny idea, but i expect it to be a TOS violation too.
Forming up a fleet is one thing i would like to do, but so far i have not found enough people that are willing to join a fleet against him.
Finally writing a support-ticket is something i should do and probably will in near future, but i am afraid it will not change anything at all.

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