Is this how low gfx settings look like nowadays?

Because that’s impressive! Is this a bug? When I opened an info window,
suddenly the background kind of changed, but it was all hidden behind windows.

Then I noticed this.

Proof first:

I really like all the dark in the hangar view.
Gives quite the nice feeling of an actually dark, dangerous universe!



So … what gives? Is this a bug? Please note I did not actually change any settings, they were at low when I logged on. People who can only play on low might have trouble without realizing?


Have you clicked Apply? If yes, it looks like game did not apply changes and a bug. It is not low settings I know about.

Oh. I did not actually change the settings at all.
When I logged on it already was on low.

Should mention this in the first post.

It’s a bug - graphics bug


Ahhh! Thanks!

Recent events have made me think CCP have hired entomologists to develop game, so much bugs. :thinking:


This is a known issue and will be corrected very soon, possibly today’s downtime. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I like the dark look inside structures from the bug. I’d like to have the option to switch the lights off.


I agree. It looks pretty awesome!

Yeah, that’s the intended look for that structure’s interior on “high” shader settings. Glad you like the design, and sorry again about the issue.

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The universe is what’s outside the station, but whatever.

Just sayin’

Implying that everything inside the station is not inside the universe.

Just sayin’

It’s actually darker than that.
Literally black and no details.

Let me check again, not to make a mistake …

All settings maxed.
This looks worse than the “bugged” version.

Sorry. :neutral_face:

I’m not sure what you’re getting at. There’s definitely detail in that image, it’s just dark. I’m wondering if your monitor settings are pushing things darker?

What I’d recommend doing is filing an in-game bug report. You can use the bug reporting tool to submit a screen shot. We will be able to check whether the image you submit is what we expect the look to be.

Also, one more thing to check: hit Esc and under the Display & Graphics tab, click the “Brightness” button on the far right. In the small window that appears, click Reset, then Save, then press Esc to exit settings and see if that improves anything. If you turned that “brightness” setting down in the past, it will affect the look of everything.

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There’s a misunderstanding here and it’s my fault. :slight_smile:

Compare these two images:


The top image is the bugged version at low settings.
The bottom image is the same environment with all settings maxxed, except AA and shadows.

All other settings, like brightness, are equal.

What we’re saying is that the top image looks much more “atmospheric” than the bottom one. The top one isn’t just darker with its actually dark spots lacking detail, but it also feels much darker, as in: it more accurately reflects a dangerous, dystopian universe where fear is the norm and dangers lie out there.

The darkness, aka lack of visible detail of the environment, supported by the really great looking lighting, accompanies both the set and setting the game create and provide. It gives off a vibe that fits the game perfectly. Almost cyberpunk-y. It also, really, looks more realistic than the bottom one.

I hope I’ve gotten my point across better now. :slight_smile:


I believe the image you’re describing as “bugged” is achievable just by setting shader quality to “high” and leaving all other settings as is. If you like that look, you might give that a try.


Was this bug introduced with the event patch?

Might it have been avoided if said patch was put on test server first???

Ah, that’s what you meant! I will! It makes for some nice screenshots! :smiley:

Thank you!

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there is also a “brightness” slider so you can adjust to taste.

No implication. Inside the station is certainly part of the universe.

But that’s not what you were talking about, is it?

It’s like saying, “I pulled the blinds in my room and now I have the feeling that my backyard is a dark, dangerous place.”

The reality in both, either undocking or walking out into the noon day sun, is that they are not in the least dark. Still the same over-bright eye straining places they always were.