Is this weekend the turning point for Eve Online?

So everyone - including me - will have their opinion on why we have the huge Omega for Plex sale this weekend. What intersts me more is what you all think about whether it will help to revive numbers in the game, in advance of the new update?

Ok…so why isn’t this allowed? I’m confused….

Companies usually have quarterly earnings reports, and the September one is one of the more important ones.

But sometimes a sale is just a sale. We haven’t had one in a while, and maybe they thought this was a good time to have one?


I don’t see how a discount can revive anything as it’s temporary. Anything that would attract new players would have to be permanent like new ships and modules, games mechanics and new faction like Traglivians.

Two effects: 1) getting a few more accounts re-activated (temporarily) and 2) moving plex from players back to ccp. Nothing sinister.

Some people even created a thread for posting opinions about it. It was right in front of you:

At any rate, Destiny may be correct: sometimes a sale is just a sale.

The deep discount (double the normal) and very short term, as well as not listing it on launcher or in emails makes it look like an experiment to me. They even emailed me yesterday about the 50% Omega/MCT deal without mentioning the Omega/Plex deal.

So guessing they either want to see how much Plex a sale like that sucks out of the system, or they’re planning on a Plex sale coming up and want people to burn some now, or they’re feeling antsy about the “Players leaving? It’s summer - they’ll be back” dismissal and are trying to jump-start the “they’ll be back” process.

Or because they’re CCP and they have strange ideas and enact them on a whim.

Still boils down to “buy Omega now if you’re using Plex for it”. You’re unlikely to see a better deal for some time.


nope, it wont.

It also means that a higher proportion of PLEX will be used for omega status compared to other things, and drives up prices of things like extractors. Not sure what the effect of that will be overall but thought it was worth noting.

“Waah, CCP made EVE more expensive. EVE is doomed”.
“Waah, CCP had a sale. EVE is doomed”



That’s funny. I still haven’t seen an “official” comment from CCP.

I think CCP is doing this to pad the 4th quart financial report. Got to get that deferred income to move to income.

12 months ago was the turning point - This is simply the END point…

Can’t take the ISK out of the game so may as well buy up a 12 month queue for 50% LESS THAN ANY NEW PLAYER CAN…

Please tell me how that encourages new players…

New players have plenty of ships and factions. It’s already hard for a new player to get a handle on the purpose and fitting of the the ships we have.


Yes. It’s called a new year roll over. It’s been happening since the formation of this planet.

In your opinion. End gamers have been declaring this since the formation of this game 20 years ago.

Perhaps this year it is. But I doubt it.

That’s the best case scenario. The other is to meet projected metrics which might make the investors a bit nervous.

I don’t think CCP cares about the investors. It might have to do with Pearl Abyss CEO being replaced. Maybe the new CEO of Pearl Abyss want CCP to start making money. Remember CCP has lost money the last two years. This will the second quarter since the New PA CEO was appointed.

Do you need an official announcement or comment to take advantage of a real opportunity?

Well, I just PLEX’ed one character for more than 4 years, up until 2027. I hope the end point is at least after that…

unless this is Fortnite which made it’s discounts permanent

Definitely not a turning point.

I came back last month to get prepared for the patch. Was figuring I’d end up unsubbing to the ganking changes.

Now the patch has dropped, the ganking changes weren’t all that bad (they didn’t implement the tether restriction) but game performance is so bad I can’t even play cause I’m missing kills to load screens. (My response time has been lowered to the point where the targets I’m hunting will be done before I get there if they’re minmaxxed correctly).

So yea, not only did tags cut into my bottom line but now I have no bottom line until CCP fixes the load screens

Typical CCP though. Release a bunch of unfinished trash nobody asked for and try to sell it with hype and RMT.

/Unsub see y’all next year for the next round of disappointment