Is this WW Bee II?

The war of this August gone with many ‘surprise’ events, which confused not only an interested new player as I am but many specialists in null-sec politics even.

This war was named differently: The Infinity War, Casino War, North vs South (maybe linked to Game of Thrones spoilers or true ‘Civil War’), World War Reeee, WW Bee II. Based on how the war had escalated, my name version of WW Bee II is the most exact, comparing it with the events during WW Bee and CO2 split. Honestly, I imagined another escalation mode, but that isn’t interesting anymore…


  • After a long time of null-sec slumber, during the Citadel expansion, the ‘North’ revealed themselves as a new unified unofficial mega-coalition. All their battles were well synchronized between their alliances. Moreover, they were supported by many so called ‘neutral’ groups in the most crucial fights. The Reddit community is focused on naming the new CO2/Tri coalition like ‘Trioxide-Carbon’, but I think it’s time to name the new ‘North’ coalition as an entity maybe greater than CFC. They can easily cast 89 Titans and over 100 (S)Carriers in any doubtful battle.
  • The ‘South’ revealed themselves as a group of coalitions with significant interior contradictions: Red Alliance is interested more into Catch and Esoteria systems, CO2 is interested in Easters systems, southern DR Federation alliances has their own view over table.
  • The Shadow of xXDeathXx alliance CEO and DR Federation in general has better relations with Pan-Fam than with any southern alliance. I might be wrong, but the pact between them is simple: “We don’t hot drop your ratters and miners, but you help us defend the Vale”.
  • Big subcapital unprepared (unaligned) fleets are very squishy due to Doomsday or Bomber traps, but in high-sec they can be supper effective to blow up citadels (obviously having a weapon replenishment base). Big S/M/L fleets should be divided and managed by different FC over walkie-talkie.
  • Slow Titans recommended themselves very well in Low-Sec battles, due to slow TiDi timers and ability to easy escape the brawl.
  • The split in Legacy coalition, and disband of Band of Backstabers and Stainwagon alliances. The southern Feythabolis is hard to conquer if is defended, due to jump ranges, and is even harder to defend without a HD anchored there. In the end, the Legacy resources should be spent to burn Legacy resources.
  • New unofficial coalition CO2/Tri is created. Both are positioned as top PVP entities like PL.
  • The destructions of capital ships reached the level of B-R5RB period (link).


  • Why Hakonen? Why not Saranen?
  • The Goons, having the best intel and spy net in game, just let Pandemic Horde to fly Delve all around.
  • After Venal events the TEST gone invisible until Legacy split.
  • The CO2 invaded Wings Wanderers, during Legacy’s north operations. Really, why? Maybe a coalition with Goons wasn’t into CO2 plans. IDK, I just want to tell about next case. I posted a ‘WTS Nidhoggur Hunter Exoplanet SKIN for 150M’ message in local Hek chat. A guy from CO2 asked: ‘How much?’. I answered: ‘Jita median price 150M, … hmm… ok 130M’… that was minimal EVE price at the moment. He: ‘Ok, make a private contract to me’. So, after I made that self-scamming discount contract he just decided to scam that self-scamming contract next day, by rejecting it. Ok, his business reputation cost me a spit of flea - under 2M ISK. Now my contract is Public for 150M and I’ll not downgrade the price.


The ‘shadow’ invasion into Wings Wanderers’s border systems happened before Nalvula battle – during citadel brawls in Hakonen and conflict around Yokai alliance (which was well discussed on Reddit). I made a wrong conclusion, by thinking the SOLAR is going to invade Legacy systems, previously.

Large Capital Ship Battle in Nalvula

GigX Avatar Doomsdays Test’s canes in 68FT-6

Co2 vs TEST in JI-LGM

Anyway, in my opinion, the North coalition isn’t interested to invade and conquer southern regions, but they will try to put their ‘authority umbrella’ over. Southern alliances, involved in local clan clashes, will defend their positions harder now, in SOV space and null-sec NPC space.

This is a ‘dot’ in my first EVE article about Null-Sec politics and war chronology.

Fly aligned :wink: