WW3 or what ever its being called

Why are there no reports of the new war breaking out in null, Reddit is full of it, some info would have been nice.

Found this vid on youtube of a battle condensed down to 6 minutes, fascinating


Ain’t that the truth.

There’s yours. Thanks for bringing this news to the official EVE forum.
Githany Red for CSM :partying_face:


I can confirm the market for armor capital ship modules incluging siege modules have been running hot for past week now.

The line goes up. :thinking:


Why so cruel, what did poor Githany do so you wish such nightmare scenario? :thinking:

:psycsm: :psyccp: :psycsm:


Thought she’d like to visit Iceland :person_shrugging:


Since Frost stopped doing weekly news and Matterall stepped away from Talking in Stations, there has been a distinct lack of news from around New Eden.

Does anyone know of any alternatives? Declarations of war is still going but it isn’t regular.

@Brisc_Rubal is on a weekly show


Thanks. I have seen it, but I find it a bit too Fox News in space. Appreciate the recommend though.

It’s been a while since it was close to that. Try it again.

What does than mean exactly? I find every news network does a lousy job of reporting the information without adding opinionated adjectives or straight up editorials said to be news.


That is just my personal opinion. I would have thought that the host of an opinion show would have been OK with other people having an opinion :wink:

I don’t have a problem with you having an opinion, but most of the folks who say things like this were complaining about the show when Mittani was on it, and he’s been gone for almost a year. Might be time to try it again.

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Some do a better job than others. To say that all do a lousy job is a lazy sweeping statement and I can not agree with it.

@Brisc_Rubal What happened to The Community Beat? I tried to find their latest thread but there’s nothing for 2023.
Went to the page for it and the last entry was 2021 - 10 - 22 Has it been discontinued?

I have seen it since the Mittani left and while it is better it is still not my thing. Nothing against you personally. You seem to genuinely want to help people out as a member of the CSM and that deserves some respect. I just am not a fan of the style of your show. Sorry, just saying it as I see it.

New one just came out yesterday.

Can’t please everyone, I suppose. Your loss.

Funny I couldn’t find the latest edition with a search through Google and there is no results in the forum search but for past threads…
Thank you for the link :smiley:

Fifie & The Beat

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I could hear the high pitched whine clearly spoken even though you wrote it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Nothing about my voice is high pitched, spanky.


Deeper voice CSM is why I voted for you!

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