War broke out between a null sec and a low sec bloc

Not long ago a war broke out between a null sec and a low sec bloc. The low sec bloc won, allegedly because of implants. The reason low sec blocs can use implants is because warp disruption bubbles do not exist in low sec, so your pod is at minimal risk of getting destroyed, and thus you are at minimal risk of losing implants which means you can use some really expensive ones.

null blocs does not have this luxury. fast forward to Havoc expansion and warp bubbles are now coming to specific parts of low sec. This raises concerns since it is also alleged that CSM is largely controlled and influenced by null sec blocs.

Lets discuss?

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Adjust and adapt.

Not everything is conspiracy, and you seem to think that the CSM has that level of influence on ccp. Hahaha.

Moreover ccp ratatti and ccp burger aren’t exactly hiding the fact they want more chaos in the game.


why you need to discuss this ? there is only 2 options :

  1. risk your implants
  2. dont risk your implants

discussion finished !


It’s not that, it’s his dislike for nullsec blocs

dont care … either someone wants to risk implants or dont … ! nothing else !

Of course, but that would defeat the purpose and intention of his thread, hahaha.


There is no choice: you always fly with implants. :wink:




the reason of his threads is only to spam his “wierd” kind of logic to this forum nothing else. there is absolutley no point in this thread other then spam


I completely, totally, 100% agree with you.

Thats probably the only thing they are good at creating anyway

The game is great.
Quit whining.


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Bull, Real Lowsec Pirates still use good implants going into null.

Look at my Pod loses :stuck_out_tongue:


What in New Eden is that Loki fit?
Dual web, paint with no weapon system.

It’s built for it’s Job.

from the fleet comp it did not need weapons. My job was to web and Paint targets. not shoot.
And My Main was in a Leshak.

It was a station fight and Deepwater dropped us.

(BR is not correct anyway, We were fighting Eve Uni)

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I also wish this guy would get Shadow Banned from forum

Wesfahrn and Alts


Take off your tinfoil hats now everyone. Please. :joy:

That’s a massive oversimplification and ignores a lot of other factors.
Not least of which is the average goon’s complete lack of understanding of basic lowsec mechanics. The number of goon line members that got blapped by gate and station guns was absolutely hilarious.
Implants helped, but were far from the major factor in that war.


If null blobbers are so rich and so great in pvp as they advertise, they can afford using implants… unless they are poor and bad in pvp


At the time when TEST was anchoring Keepstar and attempting to takeover trade from ICY I lived in Rancer as part of local alliance. TEST was flying 150 man mega fleets through our pocket and each time they last 2-3 ships w/o getting anything in return. Repeat this a bunch of time and suddenly their fleets get reduced to the point of being “no threat”. We had only 10 pilots and still managed to fish out some battleships out of their fleet.

This shows the level of competence of nullsec pilots.

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