Is Win 7 still supported? Launcher makes the system unresponsive

GTX 970. 32 Gb RAM. Downloaded latest launcher. The panel appears and then the system becomes unresponsive. Other games are fine. What is going on? Never had so much trouble with eve before.

Playing right now on a Windows 7 Toughbook 31 laptop. Intel HD 4400 graphics, 16 GB RAM, i5 processor. Your issue probably lies elsewhere, hope you can get it fixed.

Well I can’t figure this out. My system works perfectly everywhere else. When I start the launcher, the panel appears but the system quickly become unresponsive and I am forced to do a hard reboot. Am running the latest nvidia drivers – other games are fast and fine. I don’t know where to look.

Is your machine x32 or x64?

Win 7 Pro SP 1 64-bit i7-6700 32Gb
nvidia GTX 970, driver 440.97 (latest)

upgrading to windows 10 might fix your problem, you have an i7 chip so i would have thought your laptop would run fine on Windows 10

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I don’t have a laptop and upgrading to Win 10 is not an option.

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