Isaac Collins for CSM 16 - Piracy & Lowsec, is my life

It’s restructuring the security levels, and it’s likely that the Stain gate is actually being added, as well as potentially a new high sec, or hopefully new double low sec gate to solitude, there’s a lot of sutff going on with the factions in the little news drops they’ve been doing this week, but even historically speaking, them altering systems is not an unlikely thing given the povchen examples.

I think there’s a real chance to at least restructure some of the systems in low sec, and I get my post is long, but the choke points would have alternate high sec routes that are just longer, this would mean some current choke points like vecamia, would need a high sec alternative made, i’m not just talking about making low sec gate camps more common, i’m talking about making it so that going through non fw low sec is a time save risk that players can take or avoid at their own choice.

Thank you for your post.

p.s I also like Brisc Rubals idea of the bordering low sec and high sec systems between the empires fluxing in between high or low security every few months. I think that would be incredibly interesting and unique for the game.

LOL 0% chance of surviving a lowsec camp is incredibly false if not ignorant.That sounds like its coming from a null player.In a null camp with bubbles your chances are 90% more likely to not survive then a lowsec unless its nullified and instawarp.Of course well polished players will avoid both camps with know how.Lets not forget to mention lowsec gate campers also not only have to contend with target player dps, but also gate gun dps.

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Informative interview.

Thank you.

I’m glad you liked it. Thank you for watching and sharing the link.

Added the low life podcsat to the appearances list,
INTERVIEW: CSM-16 Candidate ISAAC COLLINS (Low Sec/Pirate/Gate Camper) , I have another appearance with DTM, and hopefully 1 more appearance on another show but we’ll see how lucky I get with that.

Couldn’t answer your question about hyo, but who says he has to answer anyone? You don’t see ANY CSM here in the forums except brisc and Mike, and Steve when he was on it. Nobody else comments here.

So Hy recently addressed my point on Pandos most recent stream with him. I was really satisfied with his answers on that stream to many if the questions that were asked of him. I’ve spoken to him since then and I’m very happy to say that if he wins, I think he would be a net positive to active content creators such as FCs, and to people who want to see more sub cap related content. I currently have him on my list of people I plan to vote for.

That said let me address your question head on, I would say you’re right no one is obligated to engage with their supporters, but I think it speaks volumes about them if they do not.

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you got my vote.

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Managed to pull off 4th in the CSM royale.

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this guy has been spamming ingame channels with an alt as well. would not recommend.

Please provide a screen shot of me spamming, or do you mean I speak with people and they have a conversation with me, and that equates to “spamming” in your realm?


Must anything else be even said?

x-squish got caught on the spam gate. lol.

Do you not think that having such a narrow field of expertise as lowsec gatecamping is a waste of the very limited csm seats when compared to a candidate that understands more areas of the game?

We got to where we are with all those wonderful experts. Famously Progodlegend thought fozzy sov was going to be a good experience. I think I have a unique experience and perspective to bring to the CSM, that has been shaped by living in low sec for close to 2 years. While my expertise is narrow, I’m very capable of listening to others and learning in the spots that I am ignorant in. The only difference between me and many of the other candidates is that I respect you all enough to tell you up front and to your face that I am not an expert in everything the game has to offer, and that I will rely on others who are more qualified, like suitonia or stitch_k, for balance issues, etc.

I want what’s best for the game like everyone else, but i think 15 years of doing the same old same old is enough, and now is a good time to try something new.

I’d also like to add, my campaign was started around restructuring the routes of low sec and gate set ups, coincidentally it looks like CCP has an interest in doing stuff like this now, so now seems like the best opportunity to get these kinds of interesting changes added in to the game while they are still interested in doing them.

I’d also like to say, the field is filled with people who are quite frankly not suited for determining how low or high sec would be effected by a change, yet people like gobbins will be elected, if I manage to garner enough votes, I think I will at the very least have proven my self capable enough to handle the position that I would be serving in.

Lastly, thank you for your post and thank you for your time.

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Hung out with some wormholers today, learned a lot about the needs of this community and I hope to be able to represent them as well.

Few questions:

  • Thoughts on Suicide ganking?

  • Thoughts on the current state of wardecs?

  • Do you find that anything should be done with niche gameplay such as hunting specific targets?

1.) I think suicide ganking is almost in a state that would be acceptable with the exception of there being an incentive to kill ships just for the sake of killing them. For example, I don’t think there should be an incentive for gankers to kill a hauler or a golem with no fittings on. I get that it’s a kill on the KB, but these things cost are in the billions, and often the ships used to kill them are less than a quarter of the total cost of the ship being killed. I support an increase in freighters base HP, as well as Jump Freighters.

2.) I think wardecs are probably in their healthiest state that they have been since EVE first started. I would be vigalant in preserving the current status of War decs if they attempted to propose changes to it. (There are some minor exceptions, I don’t remember if out of or corp logi was still an issue, but I know things like Orcas scooping ships needs to be stopped)

  1. ) I am a big fan of some minor rehauls to the bounty hunter system. I want them to turn it back on, make the top 10 wanted board remove anyone who hasn’t killed a ship in the past 3 days, so people can use zkill to focus and kill/collect bounties off of targets.

Well tomorrow the heat really goes up.

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