Isaac Collins for CSM 16 - Piracy & Lowsec, is my life

[----------------------------------------------- Introduction -----------------------------------------------------------]

My name is Isaac Collins, and I’ve been one of the many scumbags of EVE who primarily and almost exclusively does gate camping and smart bombing. I do not enjoy other activities, and what I enjoy most in this game is being able to truly troll and hurt people (in the game). I enjoy being one of the bad guys, and I cannot even describe to you the immeasurable pleasure I feel when people tell me they hate me or send me angry mails in game.

That said, I have my fair share of losses, one among them is an 7 Billion ISK, Officer fit, Smart bombing Machariel, (Here’s the Ibis that I killed that baited me into the conflict). I have many loss mails, among them is tons of tons of Onyx’s that get destroyed on the gate from bait, hot drops, and clever fleets that come in and pretend to be a helpless ship but dunk me and my friends brutally.

I also hold the 18th position, in the Top Kills of all time in the Onyx. Exclusively and only done in gate camping, 0 fleets in null sec what so ever.

I believe gate camping, and being a pirate is true content, and I believe it helps create more content.
Whether it be hot drops, blops, response fleets, evictions, spontaneous fights, or Jebaited fleets. Gate camps are the last and first line of larger content people can engage with.

My big ideas for Low sec, is to turn it into the new Silk road, making non faction low sec the fastest routes of travel to null sec, and to the trade empires, letting you cut 15 jumps or 20 jumps by going through lowsec. I believe these travel routes would be well fought over, and bring lots of content to the game in every aspect.

More risk, more reward, more conflict, more fights to control these zones. These are the things I stand for.

[---------------------------------------------- My EVE Story ----------------------------------------------------------]

I was invited to this game in 2013, from my closest friend at the time, we still play together and it’s been a major joy in my life since then.

Gate camping was the first real content I experienced in 2013. Test and Goons were fighting bigger back then, and me and my friend joined a group that gate camped the low sec connections to Syndicate.

Fast forward 5 years later. I really get into the game now. I meet group of guys in Rancer, after they had killed me, immediately I attempted to join, and was declined originally, but I tried again a couple months later and managed to get myself in. This was a great place, and the first 2 months there were such a blast, eventually we got kicked out. As the corp started falling apart I made my own corp, Smartbomb Syndicate, we would move all over New Eden to gate camp. We camped Oulley, Aubenall, Obalyu, Abune, Yvangier, and then finally Fruleger.

I managed to negotiate us a position in the alliance Coastal Brotherhood. (Some great friends I have over there to this day, they could call on me at any moments notice and I would be willing to aid them. I even keep my Phoneix in their primary system just in case.) Fruleger was the pinnacle of gate camping, big kills, constant fights, constant content. It was great. I think Non- Faction Warfare low sec, is a very special place, and deserves to be preserved and enhanced.

[-------------------------------- Why do I want to run for CSM? ----------------------------------------------]

Well currently, Low Sec in general is really lacking in many capacities, but non faction warfare low sec is in even more dire straights. I wish to be a voice for all of Lowsec, and all of the players in new eden, even high sec players and wormhole players, null players, I don’t support breaking the balance of the game, but I do want the specific styles of play to be preserved and enriched.

As a non faction warfare low sec player, many times I find myself allied with AU,CN, RU corps and alliances, and they deserve to be represented too by the CSM. Many of my closest friends from Fruleger were non-native english speakers who struggled to communicate, but we still hung out together and enjoyed each others company. That said, even as a primary non-FW player, I do have a lot of solutions to offer for FW, after speaking with a lot of people who are intimately involved with it.

I bring to the table some very unique suggestions and ideas, and I have the time to make all the meetings that would be required, including the summit. I would take my position very seriously, and listen to anyone who would ask to speak with me. Brisc Rubal has really inspired me in terms of the CSM, and I think his manner of being active and keeping in touch with the community should really be the golden standard for every single CSM, not just him.

[--------------------------------------- Your areas of Expertise? -------------------------------------------------]
Gate camping, getting Cyno’d, getting dunked by good players from WH’s, getting Jebaited, and getting big bling kills so I can afford to die again tomorrow; The Circle of Life in New Eden.

[--------------------------------- My Flagship Proposals of My Campaign --------------------------------]

  1. New silk roads. Here are examples of what that could look like.

[--------------------------------------- My Faction Warfare Proposals ----------------------------------------]

1.) Make it so killing players of the opposing faction gives LP again, but tie the value of the LP to the value of their ship in the same way the Bounty system does, raise the cap so it’s not just 40% of the ships value, but you can literally use the same equation, convert it, then give that much LP.

2.) Make all of FW space Cyno jammed. it’s a great place for new players to learn pvp so the less incentive to use caps here, the better.

3.) When WZ get reset, make it so the frontline where only adjacent adversely controlled faction systems can be plexed. This would centralize people to specific systems and make more conflict.

4.) Fix citadels by either not letting people dock if their faction doesn’t own the system or outright banning citadels from FW space.
[----------------------------------- List of additional positions that I hold ----------------------------------]
Above all other things on this list. I must state. I want Non-Consensual PVP, to be preserved in EVE, Indefinitely and without apology

1.a) I support adding the new industrial items that are needed to the salvage loot from the wrecks. Here’s a break down of how I think it should go, but the whole idea increases the benefit of engaging in content, and helps it become much more self sustainable, while not breaking the scarcity, or cost of the components.

1.b) Dynamic Bounties should increase the difficulty level of anomalies in a system. The signatures and anom’s should be worth doing especially if you are seeking out isolated places on the edges, or doing sites in a scary destructive system.

2.) Scanning wormholes should be instant if you have Astrometrics 5, and the supporting skills trained to 4. (I think this would make WH players roaming lives a lot easier, and it would spark more content in and outside of the wormholes)

3.) The bounty system needs minor reforms, the current system actually works pretty well, but it should be disabled in Null sec for server performance in most cases, and it should also only have the top 10 most wanted players, who are actually active and playing the game, or have killed a ship in the past 2 days, etc. No more of this trying to hunt players who aren’t even playing the game anymore.

4.) Turning the EdenCom ships into anti-fighter/anti-Drone ships, that take less damage, and deal more damage, to only drones or fighters respectively. This will let CCP reduce the price of the ammo, and make it easier for sub-cap fleeps to fight back against fighters, while providing a new role for fleets, instead of just relying on kiki’s or relying on normal carriers to do the job.

5.) I would like to see more identity around pirates and faction security. CCP Rise has said they still want to to do that navy rework for faction ships. I would like to see a bonus to those ships for having + security status, and a bonus to pirate ships for having negative security status. They already have this in the game and CCP Rise proposed the idea himself in 2019 Vegas. This would come in tandem with reforms to the Security Status system.

6.) I would like to see brawling ships gain some kind of bonus for using short range heavy damage, high powergrid weapons. As of current the meta in all fleets is to use long range Munnins, Ravens, or Cerbs, etc, trying to reach a critical mass of alphaing a group. I would like to see brawling ships gain a big EHP boost or speed boost, or damage boost, because they have the same EHP at the moment, but currently have to deal with everything in short range, including scrams, webs, fighters, and slow movement speed. I think if they’re EHP is increased it would also give smaller groups the option to fight up closer, and potentially beat bigger groups relying on the advantage of range, alternatively a nerf to hulls when using ranged weapons would work too.

7.) Expert Systems need to be improved. These minor packs could actually be a power for good for new players, but they really need to be improved. The packs on the site should actually be way more detailed about what you are getting. They should last 7 days played instead of 7 days IRL time. They should not be rotated every month with a different set. Have all of them up front and available reliably. Some players could genuinely rely on these skills while learning the game. Lastly, make it so these people can actually fly interesting ships if they are paying to be able to fly these. Give them a buzzard, give them a retriever, etc, make it worth their while if they are trying to see what these skills can really give to them as a benefit. Make the experience actually feel good for these people.

8.) Removing tether privileges for Criminals in High sec. If people want to gank, they should be allowed to, but they should also be forced to make a decision about their security status, how low they are willing to go while maintaining their ability to tether. This should help bring some value to tags that are previously worthless, and help make it so ganks on ships with no loot are less frequent.

9.) Adding an Interbus LP store. This has been requested since 2008.

10.) I support an increase in raw HP for Freighters. Currently, after the industry changes, these ships are now being killed for a huge disparity vs the investment it cost to kill these ships, I think raising the HP to make it so you need more ships and more investment to kill these ships will help make it so less of these ships are killed just for the sake of being killed (no cargo, no incentive, just killing it for the sake of having another kill on your killboard.)

11.) I support the addition of a SOE Dread or Carrier, so Wormholers can do everything in their C5’s without having to ship change into a prober to do signatures, a battleship to roll the holes, and a dread or carrier to do their PVE sites.

12.) I do not want any of the current wardec mechanics reverted to the old system. I think the current ones we have now have been very good and healthy for the game, and every highsec group I speak to has been adament about that.

[---------------------------------------------- Appearances -----------------------------------------------------------]

ZehPando’s FC Chat: Twitch

Guldan Age Stories Interview: Interview with an Eve Online Player: Isaac Collins for CSM - YouTube

Ashterothi Interview: Twitch

Lowlife Podcast Interview:

<Than10Podcast: Geography in Eve w/Isaac Collins:Episode 45
[---------------------------------------------- Track Record -----------------------------------------------------------]

Here’s just a whole list of receipts for idea’s I’ve suggested/supported in the past.

[------------------------------------------------ Conclusion -----------------------------------------------------------]

Finally, I’d like to say, my comprehensive list may come off a bit pompous or arrogant. I’m fully aware I’m not a game dev, but the purpose of creating this list, was to show you all the things that I support, what I stand for, and what I am not in support of. I fully understand that CCP will not just confirm everything on my list or even care to address any of it if it’s not something already on their agenda.

Thank you for reading my post. Message me in game or in discord anytime.

Discord Tag: Apollexis#0930

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You should talk to fellow candidate RonUSMC. I think you guys would have a lot of things to discuss with each other.


Seems my previous response, I mistook Phantom for RonUSMC. I am going to attempt to set up a conversation with him, I think it would actually be a really fun debate to have people with completely opposing views talk about their positions and defend them.

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Isaac, your candidacy looks promising, but what is your opinion as to John Galt? I don’t see it addressed in your what matters to you section.


Man, I won’t even pretend to know what or who that is. If you would be willing to enlighten me though, I’d be happpy to give any insight or opinion on my views on them/it.

Added a bunch of links to suggestions and reddit posts from my past to show ideas I have suggested in the past, ones I’ve supported that have actually become true over the 2 years that I was gone from EVE, and random ones that show my character as a player.

thnk God I so I don’t have to run for CSM :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I miss all of you guys in Frul a ton. Hope Fink is doing well, give him my best really. I’ve already gotten to speak with Neko and Waycharles.

Hello Isaac,
I agree that gate-camping and being a pirate is content.
Did go through your kill mails and it paints a picture of you having 96% efficiency.
By your own admission you could improve your success rate to +98% without impairing your gameplay content.
This is not balanced, imo. This has to be fixed, such that your chance of success is in the range of 60%-70%, but not more - otherwise you are just shooting fish in a barrel. I accept that you should have your gameplay style available to you, but your victims shouldn’t be left with 2% chance of recourse/survival. In fact, your actual victims have 0% chance to do anything to you. Only well organized groups can trick you into situations where you are on the receiving end of the exchange.

I imagine that increasing the risk level when gate-camping will improve your game play, at least at some level - because it will force you to spend more time to identify better (more valuable) targets. (This is extra activity => more content)
Higher chance of survival a gate-camp will increase the high profile targets available to you - since travelers will be more willing to take the risk.

The current situation with gate-camping seems to be one small step away from mass griefing.

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I’m happy to have a conversation about this, If the metric you’re going off of is efficiency, does this mean any null bloc players or super cap pilots that have similar amounts of efficiency are therefore imbalanced? If you want to continue this conversation, please add me on discord, Apollexis#0930, lets set up a real time conversation for this subject.

I should probably add some positions for stuff I support, like cloaky MWD, and no further changes to cynos, etc, I’m not looking to make camper lives easier. Just trying to provide more places for camps to happen.

Does it not seem a bit disingenious that you (a lowsec gatecamper) are campaigning for more chokepoints in low?

Like, I don’t see any positive impact of that change other than making your specific playstyle a whole lot easier.

It’s the cycle of content, and as a whole, it offers more opportunity for people to dunk on gate campers as well. There’s already many ways to get around gate campers; filaments, wormholes, etc, and as I said, would not want these choke points to be the only way to go to X place, it’s supposed to be a route you go to be faster, not the only route. In that respect making the quicker route more dangerous is something that seems to be completely in line with how we all see new eden.

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go on man, would be nice to have another lowsec canidate

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just make a 10 second warpout timer if smartbomb used ez fix

Bumping post so people know I’m the pirate king not that weab dude people keep watching for over a 1000 episodes

Updated with a discord link so people can talk/question/bully me on anything they would like.

Maybe some former csm members can chime in but I very much doubt changes like this are within the remit of the csm, nor would the vast majority of players want them.

Could you be a bit more specific in your criticism? Like which ones you think are bad, vs which ones you think are extremely bad etc. The point is to have a dialogue, and if you genuinely believe all of these to be bad policies, then I would really like to know what in specific it is that you think is bad, so I can see what I am missing. Thanks for your post.

Restructuring the geography of eve to make more chokepoints is both unneeded and exceedingly unlikely to happen.