ISD shutting down topics before CCP can respond

This is not a topic about X and Y this is a topic about a lack of information from CCP

ISD shutting down all threads about X and Y no matter how delicately they are phrased with “no discussion about real world politics” is deeply unhelpful.

X and Y effects this game, as it effects all international games, and the playerbase need reassurance and answers.

Now I’m sure the fast locking of topics ISD thinking they are doing their job, but the optics of it make it look like the game developers are using them as a shield to avoid committing to anything, and what makes the optics even worse is that the recent Dev Posts are entirely concentrated on helping UK Virgin Media people with game disconnects - and yet there isn’t a peep about the much larger number of players effected by X and Y.

Are CSM pressuring CCP for a statement? Is there a statement under construction?

No, and not that I am aware of.

We have a meeting tomorrow where I expect the subject will come up, but regardless of how we all feel on the matter, keep in mind this is a video game, not the UN.


Any topic devoted to x or y has no need to be discussed here.

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I’m a badly informed nobody and t’s not my place to say if a statement should be made on the politics of the thing or what tone they should or shouldnt use - my issue is that people have been asking practical questions, for example about pos refuelling and sovereignty which are issues which will effect the core mechanics of the game, and have had topics locked.

We’ve seen plenty of disruptions in the game in variety of areas over the last 19 years. Natural disasters, wars, economic recessions, etc. If CCP feels that this is an exception that needs to be dealt with, they’ll deal with it. I don’t even know how they’d begin to address this honestly.


In all those cases, a very imperfect solution could be for friends and neighbours to be able to report that a pos is out of fuel and that they think that the owners are unable to log into game due to exceptional circumstances. CCP could see if the players were from an area that would qualify for that, and then it would be up to them to decide what to do.

They could wave asset safety [fees] for Ukrainian players. It would be unreasonable to pause or freeze the map.


AS the CSM we can bring things like this to CCP and we have. Some of the things we CANNOT do is force them to make game sweeping changes or make political statements.

Have we asked them about the current political climate? Yes
Have we suggested Plex for Good? Yes
Do I (and Brisc) expect to be discussing this tomorrow? Yes

Will we tell you what was said or will be done? No, NDA



I suspect that there are a lot of players like me, quietly frustrated by the silence from CCP, but are placated by the knowledge that the CSM will be talking to them tomorrow. I think I speak for this section of the player base when I say that if you both say it will be brought up in the meeting then that’s ok by us, you are both experienced enough to read a room very few of us have been in and you don’t owe anyone any more information than that.

I would like the CSM to bring up pos refuelling though, as Brisc said, this is an issue that will have impacted players in the past who have been unable to get online due to events such as natural disasters as well as the current events, and it would only be a positive thing if players could do something like report a pos as owned by someone impacted by a disaster so CCP could look into it and decide what to do.

The true meaning of a Game ; an activity that one engages in for amusement or fun

We need to stay true to that in the EvE Universe

To what? What can CCP actually do here?

I guess if it’s just “consider making exceptions for affected players” like POS fuel or whatever, then yeah maybe. But then again, what about people who may have lost power in Texas last year during their powergrid failure? I’m not comparing that directly to X and Y–obviously the power situation is much less catastrophic than international conflict. I’m just drawing a parallel to events outside the players’ control that might have a similar impact in game (ie cant fuel a POS etc).

The only thing I think CCP owes the players is a consistent and well thought out response to those issues when they arise from any source.

Is that a blanket “sorry man you’re SOL” or individual support tickets, or a blanket reimbursement/compensation? I don’t know. I think the most we can hope for is a consistent resolution. Things causing players to lose connection for extended periods are gonna happen. It’s a messy world full of natural disasters, mismanagement and, sadly, conflct.

So, if nothing was done previously in cases of natural disaster, war or infrastructure failure… Nothing should be done now. As difficult as that is. Unless CCP wants to change their response into the future as well, meaning potentially a ton more retconning losses and game actions when someone is like “yeah but I live in New Orleans and the hurricane forced us out for a week” or whatever. Because there are people losing access to the internet right now around the world for a dizzying variety of reasons outside their direct control.


Good evening. I’m closing this post for breaking the following rule:

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When CCP releases a statement, I’m sure it will be released in a highly visible spot. Rest assured the issue has been brought up numerous times, and is being discussed. Thank you.