Ishtar for PVP

So, recently I’ve started to use whatever isk I make for buying PVP Ishtars. I lose more than I kill, but holy ■■■■ is this ship so, SO fun.

Even though its really bad for my wallet, by god this ship has gotten me hooked to PVP. I’ve been making and finding new fits for this ship, today and have been practicing in Tama. Its just perfectly pace enough for me to enjoy without shakes and panicking, and fast enough to have fun and manage the fight well enough.

Any fits and suggestions would be really welcome

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I love the vexor for a cheap pvp ship. Not grindy enough to use HACs in the same way but I can see why it would be a similar feeling. Do you stream/record your shenanigans?

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Not sure about videos but you can check his records on his zKB :wink:

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My laptop is really, REALLY crap and my mouse keeps breaking down every 5 seconds. My laptop is literally a needy module from KTANE.

Also, the grind isn’t that much for me ever since I started running escalations, and I did use to fly Vexors. Double tracking disruptors and a damp, oversized AB for ess. Drove away some ships with it, got kill assists, drove away Vargurs.

Ishtars are different from Vexors imo, since they’re much more capable of tanking, and have more versatile drone capabilities. It is a side grade, after all.

As you can see I have fed countless HACS and other random ships to people, losing horribly and getting random lucky kills.


That’s how I do pvp persistence. I’m terrible at it but I do enjoy it. The kills feel so great when you get them.

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Didn’t check the details tbh but you are still ISK positive (though personally only fun/h what matters imo) so still good for now it seems (but as I mentioned fun is all that matters). :slight_smile:


Oh YES. That reminds me, it’s not on zkillboard but I have it in game, I once solo’d a Drekavac in that Ishtar. The one that died to a Snuff Vargur. That is my best kill in this game yet, holy ■■■■.

Btw you can also consider writing a blog about your adventures if you are not into (or not feasible) to record your gameplay.

(As an example I have my own EVEblog too (if interested you can find my related thread on my forum profile, not linking it to avoid spam / self promotion) but there are other peoplewho write EVEblogs as well if you’re looking for inspiration / want to see examples as part of considering such activity.)

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I’d love to actually! Only problem is that my knowledge on making blogs is utterly zero…

If you have any guides or anything on how to make one, that’s gonna be awesome.

You can upload it any time if you click post at the top (menu) of zkill and copy+paste the external killmail link from the in-game killmail (by clicking at the top left menu). :wink:

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Ohhhhh, didn’t know that. That’s helpful, thanks!

Well it is pretty easy I use a free blog so it is pre-installed so just have to customize it within the limits and add my own content that’s it.

(Note not to be confused with which is where you download the CMS = Content Management System, WordPress is both a CMS and a free public blog host that uses the same CMS system hence the same name and is run by the same people AFAIK.)

But there are other blog / website hosts with pre-installed stuff too so there are alternatives.

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Ah, thank you. I’ll go and make one soon, and maybe put the link here soon.

(damn now i need to grind more isk for new ships, ratting here i come)

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Ishtars are crap, killed one with a mining barge

…is that a kitey ishtar? That and with an empty low slot? And that Vexor navy has AUTOCANNONS? What the hell is that kill.

Come and hang around Placid/Covryn I’m sure we can accommodate your needs :wink:

The kill that ended a war.

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