Ishtar is overpowered

This ship is (M)edium size, yet it can fit x-large shield booster and be cap-stable, tank 500~600dps and tank c-type medium neut. All I see is Fraternity and rest of the eve just sits and rats heavens 24/7 and yet you can’t kill it with t3c. Obv you can if you counter-fit, but in general? Ishtar tanks 1 t3c dps+neut

if your not able to kill a ratting ishtar, then you need lern better ships. and a single T3C can easy kill such ishtar


I definitely don’t agree. I have definitely run across a few extremely well tanked ratting Ishtars that I couldn’t kill before the blob arrived, but they are the exception. Most of them melt like butter.

I just hunt them with T1 cruisers and have a quite good success rate killing them. If you are unable to do it in a T3C, maybe post your fit and we’ll see if we can give you some pointers.


Every HAC can tank a T3D for all eternity with the right fit. But the fewest AFK ratters have a fit that is able to do it.

The best way to tank a tactical destroyer with a HAC is to blow it up before it can deal significant damage, but the OP is talking about a strategic cruiser, not a tactical destroyer.

Ive watched Pilots take down Ishtar after Ishtar in a single day, they arent overpowered.


Oh, my bad. Would like to see an Ishtar fit that isn’t overly expensive and can tank a T3C forever while still having enough DPS to run anomalies in a decent speed.

A T3C should easily be able to out dps a 5-600dps tank. I think this is more a problem with the operator and not that Ishtars are OP.



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BS, some of us have pyfa you know. It can only do that if its overheating, which melts it and is not cap stable while doing so. also it has nowhere near that if you shoot its EM hole, which is not exactly fitting against it that is what you should be doing against most shield ships since they tend to have EM holes.

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I enter site, use boosters, attack, all npc aggro me, point + web, I’m dead. good game

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Oh, well in this case its totally proof that the Ishtar is OP. Not.

Hint: you would be dead as well if there was not an Ishtar ratting but a Sacrilege, a Deimos, a Vagabond, a Cerberus… You do know that you threw quite a lot tanking abilities (“DEFENSIVE SUBSYSTEM” bonus) out of the window when fitting the cloaky subsystem into this slot?

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I feel you.

I too have once lost a Loki that way. I didn’t know Guristas pirates ECM and warp disrupt the attacker… :sweat_smile:

That was an expensive lesson.

Anyway, instead of blaming the Ishtar or the rats, you could take a look at how others are doing it, and conclude you could do better.


Eve Online has been called spreadsheets in space before, so let’s run some numbers here. These numbers assume no drugs and 5 in all skills.

Starting off, how much ehp/s does this Ishtar fit rep? 460.4 ehp/s from active tank and another 51.5 ehp/s from passive recharge. For a total of: 511.9 ehp/s. It also has an ehp of about 16.3 ehp.
One thing to note is that this fit has a stupid amount of kinetic resist. Likely because of the damage type of the rats he’s killing. Against a Tengu (kinetic locked), this Ishtar has a monster ehp/s of 1350 ehp/s. Yeah, you’re not going to break it using a Tengu.

The Proteus isn’t probably going to have issues since you can select damage type via drones and in terms of offensive subsystems, the drone one is probably the best. If the Proteus is using the Hybrid subsystem, its going to take a lot of time to kill it; although, it can be done. VULKAN LIVES Proteus fit does about 573 DPS with a flight of T2 Ogres. Its enough to break the 455 ehp/s that Ishtar has against pure thermal damage. It would take a while, but it can kill that Ishtar.

Sensei Nihalla’s Proteus would kill it pretty quick because he fits for a lot of neuting.

But let’s look at the Loki fit you provided. Because you have abyssals, I’m going to just use Caldari Navy BCS in place. So, you’re likely doing more damage than the 849 DPS that pyfa gives from your fit. And you made the right move using Mjolnir as its going to be the weakest resist profile for that Ishtar. If we look at the Ishtar taking purely EM damage, its ehp/s drops to 289 ehp/s. It is going to take a bit of time to kill though since you’re gonna hit armor and there it has an amazing EM resist profile bringing its ehp up to 27.3 ehp. So, no you can kill it with a T3C… in about 50 seconds.

So, what have we learned? The only T3C that couldn’t kill that Ishtar is the Tengu due to its damage type lock. The rest, due to not being kinetic locked, are quite capable of bringing down these Ishtars. Legion and Loki would have the best time of it due to no damage lock on their missiles. No surprise there, the Loki and Legion are generally considered two of the best solo PvP ships in the game.

In short, while the Ishtar is powerful… it isn’t unkillable by T3Cs. I get maybe you were going for hyperbole… but I don’t take people seriously when the facts don’t match their claims.

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Now I’m too poor to fly fancy T3Cs, but don’t people generally fit missile launchers on Tengus? I didn’t know they could only do kinetic damage.

Yeah. But its the subsystem bonuses. Without the subsystem bonus, its pretty bad damage. The Tengu is the only one that’s locked to a specific damage type, that being kinetic.

The Tengu’s Accelerated Ejection Bay (the offensive subsystem for missiles) has the following bonuses: 5% bonus to kinetic Light Missile, Heavy Missile, and Heavy Assault Missile damage. 7.5% RoF for Rapid Light, Heavy Missile, and HAM. 10% bonus to Heavy Missile and HAM velocity.

The Loki’s Launcher Efficiency Configuration (offensive subsystem for missiles) has the following bonuses: 10% bonus to RoF, 5% velocity, and 5% bonus to missile explosion velocity (so it applies to faster ships better).

The Legion’s Assault Optimization subsystem (offensive subsystem for missiles) has the following bonuses: 5% bonus to Light Missile, Heavy Missile, and Heavy Assault Missile damage. 5% bonus to Rapid Light, Heavy Missile, and HAM RoF, and 10% bonus to drone damage and hit points.

Notice that all of the bonuses for missiles for the Legion and the Loki apply to all types of missiles, where the damage bonus on the Tengu is kinetic only. So let me explain how much of a difference losing that damage bonus is. A Tengu without any Ballistic Control Systems does 582 DPS cold (no overheat) with Scourge Rage; if I switch it to any other Rage missile, it drops to 465 DPS cold. That’s a large margin. Normally, I run with 2 Caldari Navy BCS which makes the damage 894 and 715 respectively.

Now let’s compare that to the Loki fit already provided. He’s able to fit 3 BCSs because the Loki has more low slots than the Tengu does. His DPS, regardless of type, is 840 DPS. Less than the Tengu’s kinetic, but far better than its non-kinetic damage. And it also applies better to faster moving targets due to the explosion velocity bonus (Loki has 163 m/s to the Tengu’s 130 m/s).

The Legion is a different animal all together. It doesn’t get as good of a RoF bonus a the other two ships; however, it does get an un-typed damage bonus to both its missiles and to its drones. I’d also note that the Legion can be fit with a really nice core subsystem that improves neuts, which make hunting active tanked ships much easier… which makes up for its lack of overall DPS, in my opinion.

I hope that answers your question.


shitfit loki … dont blame any ishtar afk ratter because it wasnt their work. you have killed yourself !

i could have killed you in a ■■■■■■■ tackling ship

No boosters, No implants, No Overheat, wouldnt do anything better if you use then either

BTW … unkillable huh ? cry little pussy cry

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You are forgetting that if the Tengu forgo’s the kinetic damage for EM it is shooting the hole in that Ishtar which drops its tank down to something like 380. Tengu is not “locked” its just a bit of a damage reduction.

sorry but thats not a good Loki Fit. You use an active tank but fit no resist mods or rigs and instead use shield extender. There is no reason for the battery on a missile Loki. The faction mods are just a massive waste on that fit. For a fraction of the mod price here is a ship with more buffer, more rep, more neut, and better damage application.

5x HAM II’s
2x Small Neut IIs

same LASB
2metaweb II
1metadisruptor II

3x Ballistic missile II

em rig II
kin rig II
Thermal rig II

You are hunting cloaked afk ratters while cloaked no reason use faction webs and point or mwd or core probe launcher. AB fit greatly increases survivability by making you harder to hit. DCII by itself gives you more buffer than the shield extender rig and flux capacitor low did together while also giving more ehp rep due to shield res. Shield res rigs give buffer plus much more ehp reps. No mwd means cap stable so two small neuts gives more neut than the 75mil isk one. never needed battery so that slot goes to 2nd web which allows range dominance and better damage application and lower cap cost. BCS IIs are fine you werent lacking dmg output you were dying too fast, tank before gank.

Don’t get me wrong either I wouldn’t call that the best fit either. Just came up with that in a few minutes playing around, didn’t even bother looking at subsytems. But its way better for what you were doing at probly half the cost.

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