Ishtar shield tank vs armor tank

For a long time I have resisted fitting a shield tank to an Ishtar because “It’s supposed to an armor tank ship”.

You even get a warning in the fitting screen when you fit a shield tank to it - “Shield modules on an armor tank ship?” Or words to that effect.

However almost every fit you ever see for the ship , no matter where it’s being used is a shield tank. So I followed the crowd, x-large shield repper paired with a large cap battery and a couple of cap recharge modules. I have to admit it is far superior to any armor tank build I have tried.

EVEN in a firestorm filament with 50% armor HP bonus, the shield tank is still better. I find that even with dual armor reppers you just can’t repair fast enough sometimes.

It makes me wonder what other so called “Armor tank” ships that I have will work better with a shield tank. Since most of my ships are Gallente.

This is why I hate all the in game places that hint or tell you how to fit ships. Even if ccp did play their own game they never update these things.

It started with the change from the certificate tree to the mastery system and just keeps getting worse.


Quite a few Gallente ships (particularly the droneboats) are viable with shield, armor or hull tanking. They have flexible slot layouts and base hp values. You generally see armor or hull on most Gal ships though.

Shield tanks are generally better suited to maximising ehp/s active tanks when there’s no specific bonuses to sway things - they have an oversized x-large shield booster with no armor equivalent. The downside is they struggle with sustaining capacitor.

The Ishtar is certainly one of the most common Gallente ships to see shield tanks on. The only other Gallente combat hull I can think of that leans mostly to shield tanking is the Sin.

Yea speed/shield tank for the ish is pretty standard.

The Brutix Navy Issue is another example where it can be fit for shield or armor depending on context. Shield for nano DPS and armor for brawling.

everyone knows hull brutix is best brutix.

armor for pvp…
for pve, depends what you do and in what region- want bigger/ more sustainable tank with better drone tracking/ speed? -armor. Or if npc’s do mainly em-thermal dmg. Would need to waste slots plugging the shield em hole while armor base value is already 50%
Want more raw dps? shield

It has a very high native kinetic (and medium thermal/ explosive) shield resists so depending on incoming dmg type you might not need a resist mod at all, saving mid slots and negating the “armor-focus fitting layout”

Shield thorax, shield talos are a thing.
best to ignore the warning messages in fitting window and ccp’s “intended use”…, if something works (or not, but you have fun flying it) it doesn’t matter if, and what type of tank it has

A hull tanked gnosis is pretty terrifying.

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