What are most fleets using now Armour or Shield tanks?

What I asked in the title.

Depends on the fleet… in low sec armour tends to be more prevalent due to smaller scale engagements requiring to fit holy trinity of prop mod + point + web, and with the holy trinity you don’t get much space for shield tank. In bigger fleets lack of point is far less of an issue as you are likely to alpha targets which renders points kind of pointless.

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In amarr/min militia space it is mostly armor tanks.

Shield so they can fit more dmg mods

I am not asking why use one over the other. I played eve for 6 years. I am asking what is most fleets using now.

and how do you want that any people here could tell you what is “frequently” used by alliances at the other end of New Eden? I could tell you what we frequently use in my alliance, and what our current “enemies” use, but i won’t have statistics about usual doctrines everywhere

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So most Gallente ships use armor but some people just slam shield extenders on the thanatos, the only ship in the game.
It’s a shame there are no other ships - oh wait the nyx, I forgot. I heard shield nyxes are a thing too.
It’s difficult to answer these days.

Why do u discriminate against the plethora of Nids, Hels and, most importantly, the ORE ships?

You are a mean bully. :frowning:

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