ISK benefit per hour mining as part of a mining corp vs solo

Ive mined mostly in a SKIFF, already have skills for an ORCA and considering moving that direction as part of a corp.

I`m wondering what the ISK benefit is to mining as part of a group is vs solo?

There is the added benefits of greater security. If someone’s running burst those benefits come into play.

But once you split the income among the group mining what sort of % increase per hour do you see over solo mining?

I know “it depends” but do you have a general expectation ?


If you are only looking for isk/h you are doing it wrong. Group means more fun and if you don’t have alt you can get boost. But doing mining for isk is one of the worst options out there. Especially in hisec.

Groups definitely help have more fun.

That aside, working towards common goals. In my corp we are working together towards owning our own structure right now, which everyone will benefit from by getting better reprocessing. We also have corp owned blue prints that we hand out BPCs to our members so that they can try and learn manufacturing.

Fit help, questions answered, friends. Lots of benefits.

I get there are benefits beyond isk - but since almost every action in the game is done for ISK I`m trying to get a handle on what improvement to earnings a solo miner can expect to see when joining a corp.

If it turns out to be ZERO improvement to earnings once its all split up, then I don’t mind hearing that , if you don’t mind admitting it. If it’s more than zero, then as I say, i’m trying to have a ballpark.

What is “solo” in your case? I know solo players conducting a fleet of alts with haulers and boosters, earning a fortune.
If you are alone in one char, also think about transportation - while warping around, you cannot mine any ore. Your storage and transportation solution will have a big impact on your profits. So if you are at a safe spot in a calm region, you may risk more than in a ganking area with many competitors.

Good point, for answers to be of use we`ll need some context. As you point out Solo is different for each player.

If anyone kindly answers then it would be good to know how you typically play… maybe you typically mined with a HULK alt and an ORCA together and you generally saw X improvement to income as part of a group. Or…If you had a fleet of alts you saw a drop or hardly any increase etc etc.


Wondering if no feedback means discussion of Corp or Fleet ISK benefits is verboten? Or maybe there is no ISK improvement, therefore I understand not promoting that.

I`m ok hearing that I should have no expectations of increasing my ISK earnings by joining a group. But I do keep hearing how joining up is always advised over solo. Just looking to put that into context.

There are ISK Benefits. For one, a lot of people don’t recommend mining in a fleet without knowing the people, ie being in corp with them.

Mining in a fleet with bonuses/boosts, greatly improves your yield as a miner. So a corp miner in fleets will out produce a solo miner.

Also, if that corp has structures, you can get better reprocessing. Also, if you are building things, and that corp has an engineering complex, you can get bettter production.

Those both boil down to more isk for the player over solo. Some corps also offer free BPCs to produce with, some ship fit help, so that’s also more isk.

When a topic is “verboten”, you won’t be ignored :wink:
We just think that you should not base your choice on ISK ratio, but on fun or contentment ratio. Ten million ISK per hour don’t pay for missed fun, so do what you prefer. Mining for ISK is no fun if you wouldn’t like it without ISK. So are you a laid back solo player or do you like a casual chat and shared music vids with fellow players? Answer that to yourself, and you know what to do.
And to make it more complicated: There’s days for the one and days for the other aspect.

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This is on point. I think a misconception too is that just because you’re in a corp, you can’t fly solo anymore. I’ve spent years in corps where sometimes I do my own solo exploration or mining and it’s no big deal. Lower tax rate is nice though

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