ISK Cost for normal Jumpgates

I simply think there should be some kind of minor cost for using the normal empire jump gates.

I think this might help with player retention given you have a limited number of jumps you can go before running out of ISK, i think it would encourage a player to ask for help.

10% of your total wallet per jump. Station docking, 50%

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Is this serious?

I would think it does the opposite.

Either people have enough ISK that they basically ignore this feature, or they are new, run out of ISK and quit playing when they cannot even travel home as the gate tax is too high.

The only people this feature affects are new players that don’t have enough ISK.

This is a terrible suggestion.


1% per ship spin…

Disgusting, I can’t think of anything worse than a travel tax.

I can. Toronto wanted to implement a “rain tax” (no joke).

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Years ago, I forget where, there was a govt. that wanted to force people to use barbers; tried to make it illegal to cut your own hair.

while we’re at it, it doesn’t make sense for people with -5 sec status to be able to use the gate system… so obviously they should be barred from it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could replace that with pirate gates though.

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