Remove Zarzakh gate fees


This is a small thing I’m asking for, so Ima try and not make this a long post. In brief, I’m a full-time trader and industrialist in the system of Zarzakh since November. I passionately put forth effort to advertise the system and bring new customers AND suppliers to the system.

This is what’s important to me currently. If you don’t believe in Zarzakh? I understand, but please spare me the heckling.

Remove the gate fee for neutrals

I’m not of the belief that Zarzakh should be exclusive to just pirate militia players. I think it should be fully opened to neutrals. This only makes economical sense for the system and by removing it, will make coaxing new customers that much easier. And just to make it fair? Waive the fees for empire milita.

Its a cute little ISK sink, but I want people to come shop or sell stuff in Zarzakh, having to run their pockets for some change every time they jump in undoubtedly is gonna annoy some people. Advertising Zarzakh is already an uphill battle as is, and removing the fees Is a small gesture in the grand scheme. Yet, I think will also go a long way into promoting the system as a viable trade hub for people to use out in the wild.

Thank you.

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How much is the charge?

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So Im not caught up on the prices for everything because Im milita so I get the fee waived. But I know off my alt that it runs me 434k per jump using my blockade runner. I believe it’s based off the mass of the ship.

And that may not seem like much, but I can see where people would find that annoying as ■■■■ to deal with when you’re trying to sell them on using Zarzakh as a non-milita player. ZZ is already a hard sell enough as it is.


Nobody even notices these fees

As I’ve framed in my OP… Its a very small thing to be arguing against, I just feel it can benefit the bigger picture around Zarzakh. Speaking as a player that is dedicating himself to this content in EVE and wanting to see it grow.

Yeah, I know people who don’t care about the fees personally. And hey! When you’re just apart of a fleet and your briefly using the gate networks in ZZ to get to a fight OR return home… That fee ain’t nothing. You’re just happy to get to the content faster.

I’m speaking about the neutrals I’m trying to encourage to use the markets out here more and try and make them regulars. In my attempts I’ve had people mock the need to pay a fee every time they wanna get inside. Should they choose to shoulder it? That money stacks up as you go back and forth. Why would they bother with a system that charges them per entry when Turnur is free?

And I am learning first hand how EVE traders are very anal about where their ISK is going and for how much. Concerned over the slightest change in broker fees and refining rates. I need people to come supply the market as much as consume from it. Neutrals are a big part of that vision and these fees are an ugly little thing in a already risky investment.

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That is beside the point, and side steps the issue.

More hauling ships, to include DSTs and Freighters, flying around inside or through Zarzakh is a good thing.

Remove the gate fee for all non-upwell hauling ships. Make using Zarzakh to cut out 14 jumps in their route even MORE tempting than it currently is.

More haulers traveling through dangerous space means more hauling ships blown up. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

Remove the fees, remove use of the gates inside Zarzakh unless you are part of a pirate militia (or just remove them outright)

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