Request For Capsuleer Assistance Regarding Zarzakh

Greetings Capsuleers, some of you might know me, most of you won’t, however, i have recently launched a Zarzakh related website and part of the information i am working on building is the cost to enter the system and i think crowd sourcing will be best option, so i am reaching out to the community

What i need to know is:

  • What ship you jumped in to Zarzakh with (if you want to keep the exact ship type secret that is fine but i need the class at the very least (frig, cruiser, BC etc)
  • The mass in KG via the show info window while you’re piloting the ship in space
  • The amount of ISK the gate charged you

Now, i am aware that asking for something without offering anything in return isn’t likely to garner much sharing of data so i am going to leverage the EVE Partner Program and i have around 50 assorted partner skins to reward contributions to this data set, so in 2 weeks i will go through this thread and pick names at random (if there are more than 50) and make contracts for random SKINs in Jita 4-4 for people who have contributed data

I already know that the minimum cost to enter (currently) is 10k and i know this goes up to atleast 1.9m KG so i am looking to see if we can get slightly larger ships though, the amount you paid is also tracked in your combat logs so if you can remember the ship you used you can just look at your saved logs to grab the value so you don’t have to go jump a new ship through

All this information will be used to create a public table to give people an idea how much it will cost to jump ships in to Zarzakh which will be located on the website

I will add a page to properly credit capsuleers if they want to be listed, let me know if you would rather not be listed, i will also take data via eve-mail but you’ll need to make a post here saying you’ve sent me it so i can verify it and so people know i’m not cheating the system and not rewarding people :slight_smile:

I will also be happy for anyone to help contribute or correct information for the website

o7 Fly Safe



I did this on the very first day of the gate being visible :slight_smile:

It appears to be linear, with a cost floor of 10,000 ISK.


Amazing, i’m starting to assemble my own values aswell so this will come in handy a lot :slight_smile:

Although as i understand it the capitals can’t actually take the gate, but still useful :slight_smile:

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So from my testing it seems anything up to 3m KG is covered by the initial 10k

Well my initial figure turns out to be incorrect it seems its closer to 2.6m KG, although i still need a lot more data points to get this dialled in more

I have managed to get values for hulls weighing
2571250, 2585000, 2599900, 2601300, 2613250, 2820000, 2910000, 2910000, 3061250, 3275000, 3346250, 3601300, 3702500, 3820000, 4275000, 4987500, 6530625, 12910000, 13346250, 13702500

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So my math is again, flawed, 2.6m KG is 12,200, 2,571,250 is 10,900 so i’m starting to suspect 2.56 is pretty close to the 10k mark

Can I get some of those skins :pleading_face:

Oh you’re definitely getting some, i need to actually get back to jita to contract them as they are in a can and i’ve been sat in zarzakh the last few days trying to gather more data points so an accurate calculator can be made

So, thanks to finding out that the zarzakh gate toll popup rounds the cost to the nearest 3 significant digits and sometimes overcharges you i am unable to use that gate estimate for costs, so i need people who actually jump through to tell me how much it costs and the weight of their hull

So far i have values for the following ship weights in KG

2500000, 2560000, 2599900, 2600000, 2661750, 2723500, 2733000, 2846750, 3074750, 3203000, 3369250, 3440500, 3500000, 3600000, 3700000, 3820000, 3943500, 4105000, 4276000, 4314000, 4412500, 12500000, 12600000, 12700000, 313775000, 413775000

Moa T1 Cruiser

12,000,000 kg and 17,000,000 kg with WMD on

101,000.0 m3 (10,000.0 m3 Packaged)

Gate Toll is -503,670 ISK Alsavoinon > Zarzakh

I also tried running into the gate with my MWD ON, and low an behold, the fee was -785,511 ISK Turnur>Zarzakh

I tried Alsavoinon > Zarzakh with MWD on and it was again -785,511 ISK


Added, thank you for your contribution :slight_smile:

@Minimax_Zed @Bjorn_Borgendron contracts are up o7

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