ISK Interest rate

As a game based on economics I think adding a interest rate on ISK should be looked into.

The issue with this is where the interest comes from. If it comes from an NPC system then it creates isk out of thin air, rich players get richer, poor players stay poor, and the excess isk dumped into the system causes inflation that makes the poor even more poor. For this reason, an NPC interest bearing system is probably unlikely to be forthcoming.

The game already has interest in the form of player operated lending, though like a real lender there is the danger of a person defaulting on their loan so it takes reputation or collateral to qualify to receive a loan and the lender must do their due diligence before lending money if they want to see it returned to them.

Some player institutions accept investments and pay dividends on those investments, so there is also that avenue if you wish to investigate it. As before, though, caveat emptor. Do your homework to make sure anyone you give money to will return it with the promised reward.


My bank provides 10%pa interest on isk values less than 100mil. 20%pa less than one bil. And 100% per second on amounts over 1bil.

Store your money with me today.

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