Isk per hour

Do not support any more?

ISK per hour is only important if your strictly looking for another job, just enjoy yourself and definitely do things to earn ISK but don’t make it your focus if your intending to fully enjoy yourself, have a goal set your sails and eventually you will get there, can’t wait, buy some plex, but you’ll miss the struggle, which you’ll miss the point of the game.


lol. Do it.

I think he might mean the application, ISK per hour:

Seems like it is still being updated. The main author quit Eve I believe, but others were going to update it and seem to be.

If he doesn’t mean that, well then I am at a bit of a loss. Do I support ISK per hour as a useful metric? Yes, but it is only a small part of what is important or even useful in this game. Probably more relevant is % return on capital/effort for most people but optimize your operations how you’d like.

It’s don’t corretly work.

Try here then:

The following is an e-mail I received from Zifrian last week…

Still working on it. Had some stuff come up this last week that slowed me down a bit but getting there. Implementing ESI as a replacement to the API was a bit of work too. I’ve done quite a bit of stuff that I’d rather not leave it undone so I’m pushing to get it out as soon as I can. Here’s a screen of something I’m working on now for upwell structures:
Hope to have a test version going in the next few weeks.


Everyone should play the game the way they want, but I have never understood the big concern with ISK per hour. I’m playing to enjoy myself and have no desire to make game time resemble my real life job.

for some people, getting better at a task is a form of achievment.
It’s like when you start cooking and can’t bake a cake correctly, and suddenly you have tried several things (peanuts butter, oil, cooking paper, water) and you find the perfect mix that make the crust both smooth and tasty . That’s a personal victory !

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Lol… he’s talking about a software called “ISK per hour”

Can someone help me? IPH used to be able to calculate the number and cost of datacores needed to do invention runs. I’ve been poking this program for 2 days and I cant figure out how to do that anymore.

If you can calculate datacore costs into your invention runs, could you please guide me through the process?

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