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I’ve not played EVE for 3 years. My characters are still recognized on this forum and in my secure online account. But can I hope that my skills and ISK are still intact if I were to upgrade to Omega and start again?

Thanks in advance!


Should be okay, just login and see

wow. thats a long save! thanks,loutro

There are still characters from 15 years ago when the game first started. They did a name reset ages and ages ago, but they’re still around.

Wow, that’s quite a database they must have. Now I don’t have the game installed (new machine on the way) but is there a way to find out details? ISK? Inventory and such? Location?

Thanks for the reply, Marcus

jEVEassets is a good way to get an overview of your current assets: jEveAssets 6.0.3 (2019-05-04)

Thanks, Cookie. I was pleased to find my little 350 million ISK nestegg is still intact. That’s a pretty slick program!

Eve makes it real easy to come back.

This is good as I frequently need to take breaks.
These breaks are often measured in months

My little break has been three years long. I’m basically gonna pay to play once I get set up with a proper computer then essentially re-learn the game.

A lot has changed in the last three years.

One of the things I always do is sit down and read the dev blogs from when I went on break to current.

May need to brew a cup of coffee to get through three years worth!

No doubt. Hey are you aware of a way to see my character’s skills when not in the game?
I know I can’t manage it but I’m just curious where things stand.

I just installed Evemon. It looks great. I appreciate all the info! Happy hunting!

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