Old Player Returning after 7 years

I have 2 accounts that I am returning to. I plan on going Omega on both. The last time I logged into both accounts was 2011.

Do I need to be concerned about losing any skills/skillpoints/certs that may have changed since I left?I had an Orca and a Miner and I’m pretty sure I was flying battleships as well. If I had to guess my “stuff” hasn’t gone away but skills may have changed… I think… any way to check?

Sorry to go all newb but it is what it is :o)

There have been a number of changes to skills during the period you were away, but in all cases that I’m aware of, the removed skill has had the points reallocated to your character in the form of unused SP.

You can log into your accounts as an Alpha (EvE is free to play now, with limits on what skills you can use and to what level) and see what they look like without actually paying your sub first. If all looks good, then you can subscribe as Omega.

It’s hard to say what skills might have changed, but you won’t have lost anything. That said, there might be some you need to add.

Since you have an Orca and miner, be aware that there was a major change to how boosting works in 2016. At this time, there were also some fairly substantial changes to the Orca (mostly in a good way). Details are here:

TL;DR- off-grid boosts are gone, boosts now use charges.

Also, there were some additional mining drones and mining drone skills that have been added.

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Good news!!! I’m not completely lost!
Ok, a bit lost… but not completely.

So I re-subbed both my accounts. I figured Omega is the way to go since I want to see it all.
I didn’t lose anything but it did turn out that I had more stuff than I remembered.

I had to strip and refit my Drakes. The same with my Hurricanes. I repackaged a bunch of ships that I shouldn’t use yet (Covert Ops, Assault Frigates, stuff I shouldn’t risk losing yet).

Thanks for the links and info. I’ll go digging through mining stuff soon.
I have both main characters setup to run Hulks if I decide to go that route. The Orca is fit and ready to support Mining or Wormhole Ops. I can fit either char into a Covert ops scout for that if need be as well.

The current plan is this though, get my act together on combat again. It’s been too long.
Jump back into Lvl 3 Caldari missions to get the hang of it before jumping right back into Lvl 4’s.
From what I understand it’s not really worth bothering with salvaging these days even with the 2nd char in a Noctis.

I have an old school Raven and a Typhoon ready to roll out. Go in, kill everything, rinse and repeat. Pretty sure I’ll stick to Caldari Navy for the time being. Generate some capital cash then see which way the wind takes me.

Thanks a lot though, once I get on my feet again I’ll go looking for a corp and such. My main char was born in 2004 and this one was 2009, lots of things have changed! It’s good to be back!

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Good plan. Get your feet underneath you first, then go from there.

A couple of things here. First, double check some of the Exhumer options. The Hulk is a paper hull, though in a WH, dead is dead. No sense in prolonging the agony-LOL. Better to get in and out quickly, so the Hulk is a good option. But there were some changes to those, not sure if it was before or after you left. Just double-check what you’re flying.

Second, instead of risking the Orca, you might want to take a look at the Porpoise. This was introduced since you were gone. It’s essentially a BC-sized mining foreman ship. Not as effective as the Orca, but very capable, smaller, more agile- and a LOT cheaper. A great option for WHs.

There’s a lot of debate about that. Personally, I salvage everything, build rigs, and sell them. Probably not worth it on L3s, but I always do it on L4s. Some people disagree with me, particularly blitzers- and that’s fine. Go with what you feel and prefer.

You should be in good shape there, but I would definitely suggest pulling the fits into either the in-game fit simulator or, even better PYFA to double-check the fits and stats with your skills to avoid any nasty surprises. There have been rebalances over time, so better to find out about those before you undock.

Good luck out there! We’re here if you have questions.

Thanks! The Orca (and a whole lot of other stuff…) will be station spinning for a while.
For now it’s re-learning to walk before I run. At most I may just use it to ferry some stuff out to where I already have agents unlocked.

o7 Fly Safe!

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Unfortunately there’s no more off-grid boosting miners from inside the safety of a POS shield. That was fun while it lasted…

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