ISK to USD Formula

Today I was telling my son, who used to play EVE, that I have about 30 Billion in ISK in hand. He asked what that was in USD (through a value set up by PLEX price) and I worked for a bit and became confused (probably not enough coffee). Does anybody have a formula for this?

Do you mean “in-universe”?

You can estimate around 1.5 bil for $20 USD based on PLEX price for one month Omega. So ((30/1.5)*20). Which would be around $400.

Oh this’ll be fun … “how do I cash out of EVE, asking for … my son …”

/me shakes heads


You cash out by selling ISK on a website. Its called RMT and is forbidden. But many people do it anyway. They use bots or steal accounts so its not like they care about game anyway. Its all about cash for them.

Eh I forgot that RMT will be build in into chinese server tho, you will be able to sell ISK for cash there.


Well, I’ve always looked at it from an ‘if you had to buy 30 billion ISK through PLEX’ kind of thing. Once it’s in the game, you can’t cash it out so if you had to get the credit card out and buy 30 billion worth of PLEX… well you would crash all the buy orders in Molden Heath where I live… would take a while to sell them here. You’d have to buy the 7,430 PLEX pack for $249.99 and the 1,100 PLEX pack for $39.99. Your whole space fortune is worth like $280.

This PLEX to USD thing is for the casuals and the stupid media like Kotaku.

Anybody remember when CCP’s excuse for starting their own RMT business was that they were doing it to put the other RMTers out of business?

How did that work out, CCP? I mean, other than filling your pockets with cash and starting yourselves down the road to having to sell the company?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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RMT discussion is not allowed on the forums. Go away.

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I didn’t mind it… tbh if you were really gonna quit Eve that’s a really good way to go out right? Cash out.

There is nothing wrong in knowing how much your EVE fortune is equivalent to in US dollars, a rough estimate could be 75 mil ISK = 1 $ (US dollar).

That said, it can’t be said enough that RMT (real money trade) is against the EULA/ToS and will get you banned! If you suspect RMT taking place I encourage you to report it bringing all the proof you can gather. If you don’t know how, you can read the thread on that topic here.

I’ll go ahead and close this thread now.