ISKMaking for the Free Folk Season 1: A Faction Warfare Missions Guide Series [1.5b/hr]

Hey you all.

I’ve been meaning to make this guide for a long time now so here it is. Some highlights include:

  • Really poor editing (that’s how much I had time for).
  • My annoying voice and accented non-native English.
  • A heavily informational guide that tries to leave nothing out from my own style of FW missions farming at a possible maximum rate of 1.5b/hr.


The Entire Season 1 Playlist

S00E00: Prologue

S01E00: Introduction to FW Missions

S01E01: An Overview of My Method

S01E02: The Setup

S01E03: The Ships

S01E04: Pulling Missions

S01E05: Spawning Missions

S01E06: Bookmark Management

S01E07: Safety in Lowsec

S01E08: Blitzing Missions

S01E09: LP Liquidation pt. 1

S01E10: LP Liquidation pt. 2

S01E11: Epilogue


Very good stuff, I’m impressed you got FW to such a level of efficiency.

A question about pulling, why do you Accept missions and let them expire after 24h instead of Remote Declining them via your mission Journal when you get another Free Decline after 4h? Or are these missions really peculiar in that you need to physically meet with the agents to decline them?

Also, how much time does the Pulling and BM’ing take for you since you’ve refined these?

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